Month: May 2010

Gyro Bowl

Click here to buy the Gyro Bowl The Incredible Gyro Bowl has got to be one of the most truly innovative As Seen On TV products that I have seen in quite a while. What you essentially have is a

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You’re Doing It Wrong! – Great As Seen On TV Compilation

I found this great compilation video the other day and had to share it. It’s a window into the nightmarish, often in black and white world of people DOING IT WRONG! I give it a 8 out of 10. (It’s

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Blingeez Are Wiggity Wiggity Wack!

Life is short, Blingeez are smart? So the kids and I were checking out some of the more recent merchandise to review and we came accross something called Blingeez. Now being fans of As seen On TV, we usually try

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I Have To Find A TUSHEE!

Sitting at the pool shouldn’t be a task. Pull out the TUSHEE, sit back and relax! I am an absolute sucker to any As Seen On TV ad that starts out with a rhyme! Thats right its the TUSHEE! (Otherwise

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