Month: May 2011

Slushy Magic

Click Here To Order Slushy Magic! Whats shaky, chilly, and makes you silly? Its Slushy Magic! Its the super duper slushy maker thats frozen fun for everyone! The Slushy Magic is the latest As Seen On TV product thats making

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Facial Flex Creepiness

OK, this one is just flat out creepy. This is not really an infomercial, but a segment on a cable access show called the Looseleaf Report. She starts out talking about how it works but somehow ends up in a

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Hula Hula, Its The Hawaii Chair!

This is one of those commercials that makes you say… really? (I wonder how many of these were sold before there was a class action lawsuit from grandmas being thrown clear of the chair!) Click Here To Shop For Hawaii

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Smart Mop FAIL

I ran across this and had to share. At first I thought it was an edit to the commercial, but apparently Sully has a pretty wicked sense of humor! (I wonder how much money I could save per year?) Click

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Get Rich Cheating Infomercial Is Hilarious!

Click here to buy Get Rich Cheating! Get Rich Cheating Is Hilarious I was recently doing some random searching and came across this hilarious infomercial spoof called Get Rich Cheating! I was thinking thats pretty funny and all but then

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