Month: March 2012

Classic As Seen On TV: The Great Wok Of China

You have to hand it to the folks who created The Great Wok of China. They took a common cooking device used by millions of people all over the world and rebranded it as something new and different.

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NuWave Perfect Green Commercial

Nuwave® PerfectGreen™ Fry Pan fits perfectly into your family’s health-conscious, active lifestyle. The PerfectGreen™ Fry Pan features a Duralon coating that is 100% free of PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium and BPA.

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Contour Abs Commercial

The Contour Core Sculpting System – Guaranteed to give you the best abs you’ve ever had! It is FDA cleared for tightening, toning and strengthening healthy muscles.

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Do You Have The Next As Seen On TV Hit?

Do you love “As Seen On TV” products? Have you ever had an idea for one yourself? Ever wish you could pitch your idea to all of the major players in the DRTV (Direct Response Television) industry? Then the DRTV Product Summit is for you!

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EZ Eyes Computer Keyboard Review

Is the tiny type on your computer keyboard keeping you from using your computer? Aggravated that your vision is keeping you from enjoying communication online with your loved ones? Then the EZ Eyes Keyboard is for you!

The EZ Eyes is a large print keyboard that makes typing easy again. It’s letters are a full 4 times the size of a regular keyboard and the high contrast yellow of the keys makes it even easier to see.

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Window Whizz Commercial

Window Whizz is guaranteed to change the way you clean! Get 2 Window Whizz sets for $19.99, just pay separate $5.99 shipping and handling. Order today receive a bonus Flat Screen Pad!

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Schticky Commercial

The Schticky is an amazing set of lint rollers makes it faster and easier than ever to clean up lint, hair, dust and more from almost any surface.

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Hot Booties Commercial

Hot Booties Microwaveable Slippers are a total revolution in pure comfort and foot therapy. HotBooties are the slippers that you microwave for 60 seconds and enjoy up to an hour of heat for your feet. Available in blue for men, and pink for women, the soothing, relaxing warmth will keep you coming back for more. HotBooties are much, much more than your average pair of slippers and they make a great gift for everyone in your family! Simply place the Hot Booties in the bag and microwave for just 60 seconds to enjoy up to 1 hour of therapeutic, soothing, moist heat.

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Instant Zipper Commercial

Instant Zipper is the world’s first instant “broken zipper” solution. All you need to do is snip off the old broken zipper, clip on the new Instant Zipper and you are all set. We personally tried this product and it worked very well. Keep a set of these in the house just in case, we promise you will find great use of it sooner or later.

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EZ Eyes Commercial

The EZ Eyes Keyboard makes typing easy! The large, high-contrast letters standout so they’re clear and easy to see.

– Oversized print, which is four times larger than the print on a standard keyboard
– Works with both PC and MAC and requires no complicated software or installation
– If you accidentally spill on your EZ Eyes™, the liquid drains right out, and the keys work just like before

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