Month: April 2012

Klever Kups Commercial As Seen On TV

Klever Kups, aka Cafe Cups are the smart way to start your day! Those single serve coffee pods cost a fortune, but with Cafe Cup, you can enjoy the convenience of a single serve coffee maker with your own coffee!

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Sweeper Bot Commercial As Seen On TV

Introducing the Sweeper Bot – the robotic cleaning sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Sweeper Bot cleans so you don’t have to! The secret is the robotic sensors that navigate the Sweeper Bot throughout rooms, along walls, around corners and even under beds, tables and chairs.

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Pour To Store Commercial And Review

Just Pour and Store! Easy to use, no tipping! Saves money and is dishwasher safe. Allows you to fill ANY size container! The secret is the “Friction-Lock Grip Technology”.

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Silly Slippeez Commercial As Seen On TV

Silly Slippeez are the slippers that pop to life when you skip, walk, or jump. Silly Slippeez are oh so comfy and super soft! They even GLOW IN THE DARK!

Silly Slippeez come in 6 different styles. There is Mr. Monster, Princess Kitty, Sneaky Shark, Lucky Leopard, Zany Zebra, and Dizzy Dinosaur!

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Booty Slide Commercial As Seen On TV

Booty Slide is now utilized as a complimentary conditioning Technique alongside workouts such as Spinning, Boxing and Sports Specific training. Booty Slide uses body weight resistance to build muscle naturally. It combines slide training, high intensity interval training, yoga, pilates, aerobics, dance, and more!

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Better Beater Commercial As Seen On TV

Better Beater does 10x the work of an ordinarily whisk.
10 times easier, 10 times faster, 10 times better
Mixes, beats, whips, froths, blends without the work
Won’t scratch pans, dishwasher safe
Makes delicious dips, dressings and sauces
Perfect for people with arthritis

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Infographic: How The Clapper Works

The Clapper is one of my favorite classic As Seen On TV products from my childhood. but did you ever wonder how it works?

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InstaBulb Commercial As Seen On TV

This battery-operated light bulb is cool to the touch, so it’s safe to place anywhere in your home. INSTABulb™ is perfect in dark closets, cabinets, attics and basements. All you have to do is stick the base on the wall, slide in the bulb and pull the cord to get light anywhere you need it.

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Sticky Buddy Commercial “As Seen On TV”

The Sticky Buddy easily removes hair, crumbs, lint and so much more! Its rubber fingers dig deep to remove offending particles from carpets, couches, clothes, upholstery or anywhere else it’s needed! Sticky Buddy™ cleans in seconds with just soap and water, and becomes sticky to use over and over again!

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Soda Magic Commercial – As Seen On TV

Soda Magic is the fun way to turn any drink into a fun, fizzy carbonated beverage! You’re 3 simple steps from a fizzy, bubbly drink. Simply pour your favorite drink into the Carbonating Bottle, load a Fizz Blaster, and twist on the wand to activate the magic.

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