Month: May 2012

Samurai Pro Commercial

Use Samurai Pro to sharpen your knives, shears and cutting tools like new in seconds! Sharp knives make great meals. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just lock it down, draw the blade back, and cut!

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Baseboard Buddy Commercial

The Baseboard Buddy is an adjustable baseboard cleaner for small to medium size baseboards. It has a removable pad for cleaning and replacement. Just spray your favorite cleaner on the pad and your baseboard buddy is ready to go.

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C-Spray Commercial

Vitamin C is even better for you than you may know!
C Spray®’s unique delivery method gets your body more Vitamin C faster. One bottle is the equivalent of many large difficult to swallow pills or unwieldy powders.
C Spray® is convenient and portable , so you can use it throughout the day to promote better overall health! Support your immune system, maintain radiant skin, manage stress, and increase vitality—with the ease of C Spray®!

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Coffee Corral Commercial

The Coffee Corral was a test to see if the Swivel Store could be re purposed to hold single cup coffee pods and k-cups. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as they would have liked and the Coffee Corral was discontinued.

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Easy Armor Commercial

Most 12-year-olds can kick in a door. A thief can do it in about 10 seconds flat.

If you don’t reinforce the door jamb, the lock area AND the hinges, you might as well leave your door wide open. That’s why EZ-Armor comes as a complete kit— each part works to protect all vulnerable points on your door.

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Rock Stop Bar Commercial

Loud, shaking washing machines are a hassle. With all the noise and vibration, washing days can be a nightmare! Now you can wash without worries with the Rock Stop Bar! The Rock Stop Bar connects your washer to your dryer via a small aluminum bar to stabilize your washer INSTANTLY!

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iScope Commercial

3 brilliant white LEDs
Extends from 6 in. to over 2 ft.
Powerful magnetic head can flex 360 degrees
Rugged aluminum construction
Rear mounted magnet attaches to any metal surface

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Foamazing Commercial

The Foamazing! Foam Gun cleans your grease and grime fast. It has the ability to shoot foam over 10 ft. and rinses away easily. Use it in all of those hard to reach areas outside that need cleaning fast!

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Bright Light Pillow Commercial

Uses 3 AA batteries
Works for hundreds of hours
LED lights guaranteed not to burn out & emit no heat
Light colors change to red, blue, white, green & yellow automatically
Comfy & bright

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Bye Bye Tears Commercial

Is bathtime a struggle, with tears and tantrums? Make bathtime happy again with Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band! It’s the headband that protects kids’ eyes from shampoo. It’s so easy: just slip it on, shampoo, and rinse!

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MushABellies Commercial

Play right on your coffee table, rug, bedspread or anywhere you choose! Hold the virtual MushABellies in the palm of your hand or play catch with them in your kitchen, and listen to their hilarious sound effects. MushABellies love to be tickled, and each character has unique behaviors, sounds and treats.

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Pawggles Commercial

Welcome to the magical world of Pawggles, cute cuddly friends with a secret surprise. They pop open and flip into slippers! Pawggles are adorable, fun, furry friends that like magic, can fit on your feet! From cute little kitty, to adorable slipper. From lucky little unicorn, to magical slipper. A funny furry dinosaur that fits on your feet. They’re Pawggles… Paws & Giggles, Giggles & Paws…that’s Pawggles!

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HurryCane Commercial

Most canes are fine for standing. But what about when you’re getting up from a chair, getting out of a car and climbing up stairs? Traditional canes just weren’t designed for it. But the very first time you use a HurryCane™, you realize how delightfully different it is.

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Flip N Clean Commercial

FlipNClean is suitable for wet and dry mopping, as well as buffing and sweeping all kinds of flooring. FlipNClean features two unique cleaning surfaces. One side consists of velvety chenille perfect for cleaning up wet, messy spills. FlipNClean’s other side is smooth microfiber, suitable for dry mopping, buffing or sweeping.

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Total Posture Commercial

The Perfect Posture Solution is here! Total Posture turns every seat into a custom chair. Now you can get proper back support and comfort instantly!

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Prep N Pop Commercial

Prep N Pop is the amazing new kitchen helper that securely holds whatever you’re preparing… and protects your fingers by keeping them a safe distance away from sharp blades – so there are no scrapes, cuts or damaged manicures!

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Palm Saddles Commercial

Tired of clumsy, full-fingered work gloves and poorly padded athletic gloves? Then take them off and saddle up with Palm Saddles™ – the revolutionary new gloves that are perfectly contoured to fit and support your palms, while keeping your fingers in proper natural position for any task that requires a secure grip.

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Popabrella Commercial

With the Popabrella you can rest assured that you will be able to see your viewfinder or screen in bright sunlight and protect your camera from heat or wet weather! Popabrella is easy to use and conveniently designed to go wherever you take your camera.

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Youthful Gold Commercial

After applying Youthful Gold to your skin, its unique silica particles go to work instantly. Some particles dislodge dead cells, clearing the way for new skin to grow. Others find impurities in the skin, remove them, and allow refreshed skin to accept nutrition and moisture.

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L’ovenware Commercial

L’ovenware™ bakeware is made of a smooth, durable silicone that keeps food from sticking to the sides – no matter what you’re cooking. Food cooks faster and more evenly with our total heat transfer silicone. When you’re done, just rinse and clean. No scrubbing EVER.

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Dancing Butterflies Commercial

Dancing Butterflies are the latest way to add character and charm to your yard or garden. Just place and push into the ground and your Dancing Butterflies are ready to go. As The commercial says, “Dancing Butterflies are solar powered by the sun!”

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The Perfect Dog Command Collar Commercial

With logical, easy to apply, step-by-step instructions, The Perfect Dog System covers everything from basic and advanced commands, solving problem behaviors, to creating safety boundaries.

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Infographic: Which As Seen On TV Price Point Is Best?

Jordan Pine of the SciMark Report fame recently did some polling about customer’s preference in price points. He achieved some decent sampling data and the results were intriguing. We jazzed up his results with this easy to read infographic:

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Cravey Gravy Commercial

You love your dog…
so why are you giving them the same
boring dry dog food day after day?

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Oven Armor Commercial

Oven Armor allows you to upgrade your current bake wear by adding a special nonstick insert. You can bake with ease with Oven Armor!

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