4 Must Have As Seen On TV Products To Beat The Heat

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in Alaska for your summer
it is blazing hot outside! That’s why we have compiled a short list of As Seen On TV products that will keep you cool and refreshed:

[box]Brush On Block Brush On Block

The sun’s rays are dangerous but everyone hates dealing with greasy suntan lotions and creams. Make applying sunblock a breeze with Brush On Block!


[box]Nubo Water Bottle Nubo Water Bottle

Now that you’ve made it outside it’s time to stay hydrated. You could always pack around a bunch of clunky water bottles or you could make your life easier with the Nubo Water Bottle. The Nubo bottle filters any water supply to provide safe and refreshing water anywhere you go!

[box]Squishy Baff Squishy Baff

You’ve got your hydration and sunblock on, and now its time to have a little fun in the sun! Whats that? The kids are already bored playing in their kiddie pool? Well, maybe its time you broke out the Squishy Baff and turn the pool into a goopy gel filled play place!

[box]Slushy Magic Slushy Magic

Now that you’ve been outside and had some fun, its time to get back in the cool confines of the house to whip up a tasty cooling treat with your Slushy Magic! Just add your favorite drink and shake, shake, shake your way into a refreshing treat![/box]

What are YOUR favorite summertime As Seen On TV Products? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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