72 Hour Emergency Kit

72 Hour Emergency Kit

We live in uncertain times. FEMA and the Dept. of Homeland Security tell us the first 72 hours of an emergency can be the most critical – before help reaches you and vital services are restored.

The 72 hour kit comes with a 3 day supply of food and water – approved by the US Coast guard and guaranteed to last five years – plus you’ll get a first aid kit… a thermal blanket… weatherproof light stick… waterproof matches and an emergency compass and whistle combo.

72 Hour Emergency Kit Pros

  • Everything you need to survive for 72 hours is provided in one box

  • 5 year shelf life

  • Peace of mind in a box!

  • 72 Hour Emergency Kit Cons

  • Additional shipping charges if you live outside the continental US

  • The meal bars taste decent, but not great

  • You could make your own kit… but it would take up a lot of space!
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