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Ahh Bra

The Ahh Bra

Are you tired of bras that stretch, pill and fade? Hate wasting money buying new bras every time you gain or lose weight? Sick of the unsightly bulging and the discomfort of wearing under wires? Then the Ahh Bra is for you!

The Ahh Bra is the revolutionary new bra that’s truly comfortable AND looks great! Made from soft machine washable knitted spandex and nylon blend fabric, the Ahh Bra keeps it shape wash after wash.

Ahh Bra Pros

  • The Ahh Bra is extremely comfortable… THATS RIGHT NO UNDERWIRES!

  • It’s durable design keeps it’s shape through changes in weight as well as multiple washings.

  • It eliminates the dreaded “bra bulge” and “underarm cleavage”!

  • Ahh Bra Cons

  • Although the color options are great, a larger assortment of colors to choose from would be nice.

  • An Ahh Bra with the ability to be clasped would be helpful in some situations.

    Does the Ahh Bra really work or is it a scam?

    We personally found the Ahh Bra to work as advertised. It looked great, and was extremely comfortable as well as durable.

    Ahh Bra Customer Comments

    [testimonial company=”from AZ” author=”- Suzelle”]
    I recently purchased your Ahh Bras. They’re the most wonderful bras I have ever worn. 5 years ago I broke my arm & shoulder and haven’t been able to wear a bra since, until now. Thank you, thank you”

    [testimonial company=”from Austrailia” author=”- Holly”]
    Ahh Bra I love you. I dont think you are over priced at all. You were worth every cent.”… “The most amazing bra I have ever worn. I had my doubts about it but thought why not give it a shot and it was totally worth it!”

    [testimonial company=”from FL” author=”- Elise”]
    For years I have [been] wearing an under wire bra. After trying the Ahh Bra, I will never wear one again. I love it! Thank you!”

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    13 comments on “Ahh Bra Review
    1. Bobyo22299 says:

      [..YouTube..] ahahahahahaha

    2. Bobyo22299 says:


    3. salsaplease says:

      [..YouTube..] umm… that looks like a regular sports bra

    4. salsaplease says:

      umm… that looks like a regular sports bra

    5. [..YouTube..] it doesnt D: give any support!

    6. TheDeviantPanda says:

      it doesnt D: give any support!

    7. silentnight99999 says:

      um how about a great supporting bra for um under 30 dollars there are some out there u know lol

    8. Isabella14233 says:


    9. MikuMikuMiku100 says:

      I could literally buy a sports bra from victoria secret during their semi annual for $15. And it will actually give me some support.

    10. xoxochessie says:


    11. Shaun Yap says:

      Isn’t this the genie bra?

    12. yumerch says:

      such an ugly bra…

    13. Marsya Anindita says:

      what kind of bra that costs $100 -_-

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