As Seen On TV: Amazing Elastic Plastic Review

Amazing Elastic Plastic As Seen On TV Commercial

Amazing Elastic Plastic As Seen On TV Commercial Review

    The Product: Amazing Elastic Plastic

    The Promise: “Create fun, exciting balloons that last way longer than regular balloons!”

    The Total Price: 2 sets of Amazing Elastic Plastic plus bonus tube of yellow for a grand total of $24.90 before tax.

Amazing Elastic Plastic Product Information

Amazing Elastic Plastic is the classic bubble making toy from the past! Amazing Elastic Plastic makes tough, stretchy bubbles that take lots of abuse and can be made into fun toys and shapes. To use Amazing Elastic Plastic simply roll, stick and blow!

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45 comments on “As Seen On TV: Amazing Elastic Plastic Review
  1. itisme3257 says:


  2. mayaworld22 says:

    I have it in my country for $1.00 but it’s only clear and it can pop

  3. Summer Conner says:

    They had that in the 90s too

  4. Haley WeirdAnimal says:

    You can get this for one buck at the dollar store..

  5. RoseWasCute says:

    The blowing pipes look like colored crack pipes.

  6. 0124ryan says:

    What happens if you sit on it?

  7. Carter Shute says:

    Did the fork got stuck?

  8. Senniexo says:

    I’d make a penis

  9. trashbag99 says:

    can i kill myself with this

  10. Celeste Stratton says:

    Hade this when I was a kid, it’s hard to use. Don’t even try.

  11. Mckayla Moskal says:

    How in the fuck can you put a tiny little toy in there? What are you supposed to do stick it on with the balloon dough?

  12. Ryan Manriquez says:

    10 dollars thats highway robbery I could get that at the dollar store for one dollar

  13. Mimi Flange says:

    Dollar tree : |

  14. Julia Dall says:

    This was filmed at my house

  15. Sofia Beltrano says:

    The kids said blue

  16. Matt Fottrell says:

    Then there’s this gem.

  17. Sasha Tandi says:

    In my country,these bubbles are $0.05 per box

  18. Jessica Juden says:

    They copied ballonies

  19. Reona Solomon says:

    0:34 WHAT IS THT THING??

  20. N.YOUTUBER says:

    They copy Vietnamies toys

  21. Kyla Chu says:

    I did make a bear out of balloons by gluing balloons together

  22. Artistic Llama says:

    It’s fun until your kid dies of inhaling chemicals.

  23. Kyla Chu says:

    0:05Yes… Mush it…ON YO FACE

  24. girlstorm09 says:

    i remember when a very similar product was popular in the 90s . There was an infomercial for them all the time. I always wanted them and i did finally get them but not sure if they were a generic brand or what…cant remember…but all i know is they didnt work to well sadly :(

  25. Nina Fennell says:

    I can make it without buying this even

  26. AmelieBrooks says:

    this is sure great to clean off furniture and Vails and Carpet and clothes >.< ... fun for all even mum ...

  27. Marrisa O says:

    This stuff was amazing when I was a kid, 20 years ago lol

  28. ThatsTWOSimple says:

    “Ordinary balloons go PAOUP”

  29. Hex Dan says:

    so you pay $40+/- for tubes of putty WOOOOWWW

  30. InfiniteCreeper says:

    Lol thought it said sarcastic elastic plastic

  31. ??????? says:

    they’re just copying ballonies

  32. sweetiepea13 says:

    So if you can’t pop it, how do you clean up the mess? Can you reuse these things? I don’t get it?

  33. Toys of Toys says:

    But it was better in the Philippines.

  34. Jennifer Tran says:

    Number one the color doesn’t show up number two when you blow it up there’s holes that appear so it starts to deflate

  35. Liam Mcgee says:

    Oh good, now i don’t have to worry about shoving a fork at full speed into my ballon.

  36. Grace Soucie says:

    Why do all the colors of the straw matter can’t you just get plain?

  37. Hans Schnitzel says:

    ” blow blow blow and watch your balloon grow grow grow”

  38. Gianluca Cassino says:

    i thought this was a nicki minaj video

  39. Sammy Rico says:

    I remember this as a little kid, good times when I did not get it on the carpet or my hair…

  40. harriet gardner says:

    is the person talking the LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE cause i don’t now weather its a boy or girl

  41. iiSnarkyShark says:

    I could be wrong, but isn’t this the same stuff they had in the early 2000’s that made your eyes water if you put it too close to your face? o -o Cause it looks very very similar if not. The fummmesss

  42. Supernova Gaming says:

    Must be 19 or older to order.

  43. Emily Shedrick says:

    Dudee, this stuff smells like nail polish remover

  44. Carmelo Sposimo says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:c

  45. Aisha Mawaddah says:


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