As Seen On TV: Beauty Buns Review


Beauty Buns Commercial

    The Product: Beauty Buns

    The Promise: “Amazing Butt-Lifting Leggings That Fit Every Size!”

    The Total Price: 1 pair of Beauty Buns for a grand total of $36.98



Beauty Buns Review

What Are Beauty Buns?

Do you want a sexy Brazilian booty?

Do you want a sexy Brazilian booty?

Beauty Buns are specially designed stretch leggings that contain a drawstrings that lifts up the backside creating a higher, more rounded looking booty instantly! Beauty Buns come in sizes ranging from extra small up to extra large, so if you fall between a size 2 through 18, you’re good!

What Makes Beauty Buns A Good Buy?

The ability to lo lift and shape the booty area is the main benefit to these leggings.

Does Beauty Buns Have A Special Offer?

Although you can buy Beauty Buns a pair at a time, you can save money by ordering additional pairs during the order.

Beauty Buns Total Price Breakdown

1 pair of Beauty Buns for $29.99 + $6.99 s/h for a grand total of $36.98.

Beauty Buns Lowest Price

The lowest price for Beauty Buns at this time is through the website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Beauty Buns?

This Beauty Buns offer is not available in stores. We have only found them via the website.

Do Beauty Buns Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Beauty Buns are covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the costs of shipping and handling.

Beauty Buns Customer Service Information

Telephone: 844-817-7828

Do Beauty Buns Really Work?

We have not tested Beauty Buns for ourselves. But based on the product demonstrations from the Beauty Buns TV commercial, we feel that the Beauty Buns should work as advertised.

Beauty Buns Review: Our Conclusion

Available in sizes xtra small to xtra large!

Available in sizes xtra small to xtra large!

All in all, Beauty Buns looks to be a great addition to any woman’s shape wear collection. The Beauty Bun’s ability to lift and shape one’s booty will help with one’s confidence and it just looks good!

So if you’re in the need to make your booty pop, be sure to click the big yellow link below and get YOUR Beauty Buns now!


What are YOUR thoughts about Beauty Buns? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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54 comments on “As Seen On TV: Beauty Buns Review
  1. Jorge Borbor says:

    I Like Beauty Buns For My Mom

  2. ja1kee says:


  3. ja1kee says:

    “Do you want more perverts staring at you in the street!?” It makes me sad that this product exists

  4. Chely Gonzalez says:

    Dat ass.

  5. Shane Trusty says:

    Hey ladies, don’t you wish there was another piece of shape wear that you could use to lift your butt? Check out Beauty Buns, the only leggings with a draw string that pulls up your backside! As always, my initial thoughts are below: #asseenontv #asotv #beautybuns #review

  6. Regan Lynn says:

    Looks uncomfortable on the crack

  7. Mellissa Qistina Halidi says:

    You should really see the woman at 0:54… Its a shame

  8. MeanT241985 says:

    Stuff like this is why rape exists.

  9. jenna dyer says:

    by the way the flab is what lets u tweek

  10. Kyla Chu says:

    Beauty buns + Bootati = People staring at your BUTT

  11. Tritny Carter says:

    This is some kinda joke though right?

  12. fullmetal22000 says:

    looks like a giant wedgie…..

  13. pawe? Wodnicki says:

    Looks logical, you pull lace and you have new ass. Brilliant!

  14. L lawliet says:

    Whenever they pull the string I can’t help but this their legs look like wacom styluses.

  15. Jhem Arzaga says:

    Omg, this is what I need hahaha..
    So sexy butt!

  16. aishah mokhtar says:

    I’m appalled!!!

  17. rainbowmokeys456 says:

    Yes, let’s encourage people to be more fake. -_-

  18. SabrinaGiggles says:

    what if you dont have a ass xDDD

  19. Ronald Bluiett says:

    Anything To Make Skinny Women Look Good.

  20. Marie Osborn says:

    lol wedgie pants

  21. Alina Vorachack says:

    NOW THAT’S JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Bethany Rivervalley says:

    Is this for real…? ROFL

  23. Meli LaCubana says:

    Or… You know… Squats

  24. letteboo82 says:

    What eva happened wit “b happy wit what GOD gave u”. IJS

  25. frantzzzze says:

    OH HELL NO!!!

  26. Dominique Williams says:

    I remember white girls used to frown their nose at big butts! Thank you Jesus for ending racism through big asses!

  27. MrHoppers002 says:

    I bet this item sold like crack in 10 minutes.

  28. xxxMazooxxx says:

    fap fap fap fap…………….

  29. Katikas says:

    Umm… It TOTALLY doesn’t look fake at all

  30. sweetiepea13 says:

    So basically you sag your ass up with a pair of leggings?

  31. Corinne Chandler says:

    Director: Okay now girls, we need you to pull on the drawstring and then stick your ass out really far so that it looks like these leggings actually work.Models: But isn’t that false advertizing?Director: Just rub your ass a lot and no one will notice anything else.

  32. Daphne Morales says:

    Beauty buns? Dont you mean slut pants?

  33. desatron5000 says:

    And then they complain that they get cat called on the street…

  34. kaitlyn valdez says:

    I already have a realy nice ass but I would still use it for the PERFECT roundness

  35. sharlah benavidez says:

    who would pay 30 bucks for a wedgie pants

  36. Tiafain says:

    Is this porn? Please make this trendy :D

  37. Flandre Scarlet says:

    looks more like the world’s biggest wedgie.

  38. Sophie Marren says:

    In the before and after, do you realize that they are sticking the butt out in the after but not before, it’s kinda stupid

  39. i love me says:

    0:54 that bounce doe

  40. R. Luna says:

    I thought this commercial was a joke before I saw it on t.v. People are crazy LOL

  41. Jennie Puth says:


  42. Sspitfire says:

    *wears this to get a big butt*”OMG IM SICK WITH MEN STARING AT MY BUTT!!! PERVERTS”

  43. Elsa Aw says:

    This is like the stupidest thing in the world…

  44. Katie Brown says:

    This looks like it will induce anorexics.

  45. Alexa Alial says:


  46. Little miss says:

    So a self inflicted wedgie

  47. Jade Cardwell says:

    The Wonder Wedgie! How nice! -_-

  48. Sharon Hocutt says:


  49. ???????? says:

    My ex-crush needs this

  50. Rachel Silveira says:

    ????I already have a Brazilian booty???? IM BRAZILIAN!

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