As Seen On TV: Bell+Howell Super Nova Lantern Commercial


    The Product: Bell+Howell Super Nova Lantern

    The Promise: “The unique, super charged lantern that’s so much more!”

    The Total Price: 2 Super Nova Lanterns for a grand total of $43.85.

The Bell+Howell Super Nova Lantern is the latest of the multi-function L.E.D. lanterns. It’s unique selling points are in the detachable mini flashlights, built in compass, and over 70 super bright L.E.D.s.

The price comes off as a bit steep for a TV offer, but the features offer a good value for what you pay for.


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4 comments on “As Seen On TV: Bell+Howell Super Nova Lantern Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Bell+Howell just joined the As Seen On TV lantern party with their own version called the Super Nova Lantern. The product is good, the price is decent, but that 80’s sitcom sounding music in the background about ruined it for me! #asseenontv #lantern #flashlight #asotv

  2. Fivecutegurls says:

    Hi first like

  3. Deborah Hoff says:

    Will this become available again for purchase?

  4. AwkwardMissHulk says:

    0:03 wtf is that face. I wonder what was the expression/emotion the producter ask her to replicate.

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