As Seen On TV: Best Pot Pie Maker Commercial Featuring Chef Tony


    The Product: Best Pot Pie Maker

    The Promise: “Homemade Pot Pies! 15 minutes start to finish.”

    The Price: 2 pie baking tray, dual use top crust cutter, bottom crust cutter and recipe guide for a grand total of $25.90.



Best Pot Pie Maker Commercial Review

Pitchman Chef Tony is back again with another little handy invention called the Best Pot Pie Maker. (For the many studious YouTube viewers out there, I’m looking at you Mariah Steele, this product has been previously sold as My Lil Pie Maker.)

Throughout this As seen On TV commercial, Chef Tony shows us all of the delicious, mouth watering pot pie recipes that can be made. I like the fact that you can make hard to find mini pot pies like the ever elusive pork pot pie or Irish pot pie. (And don’t forget to try Chef Tony’s personal favorite, pepperoni pot pie!)

I personally like the Best pot Pie Maker as you can control exactly what goes into your pot pies. I’ve always been a sucker for the basic Banquet pot pies but my adult sensibilities need something a bit healthier and this is a great way to do that.

So if you are looking for a fun way to change up your food choices, I’d recommend you click the big yellow box below and try out the Best pot Pie Maker for yourself!

What are YOUR thoughts about the Best Pot Pie Maker? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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8 comments on “As Seen On TV: Best Pot Pie Maker Commercial Featuring Chef Tony
  1. Tiara Dance says:

    What the ..!?!

  2. TheEvama9 says:

    Why does everyone say grandma makes the best anything?

  3. trololomosher says:

    His lisp is awesome

  4. Mariah Steele says:

    Isn’t this just My Little Pie Maker? :P

  5. MrScoocks says:

    How often are you going to make fucking pot pies?

  6. mrzoozilla says:

    This is just a my lil pie maker..

  7. Shane Trusty says:

    #ChefTony is back again and this time he wants to help you make the Best Pot Pies with his oddly enough named Best Pot Pie Maker. Be on the lookout for Chef Tony’s personal favorite Pepperoni Pot Pie? #asseenontv #potpies

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