As Seen On TV: Big Boss Slice A Roo


    The Product: Big Boss Slice A Roo

    The Promise: “The Handy Kitchen Tool That Does It All!”

    The Total Price: 2 Big Boss Slice A Roos and 1 Perfect Slicer for a grand total of $45.85.


What are YOUR thoughts about the Big Boss Slice A Roo? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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17 comments on “As Seen On TV: Big Boss Slice A Roo
  1. Ella de Verteuil says:


  2. merel van der wal says:

    only if everything worked as in those commercials… i would be a healthy sporty supermodel who could make perfectly sliced food..

  3. flylikeabeetv says:


  4. Shane Trusty says:

    This new as seen on TV commercial for the Big Boss Slice A Roo continues this year’s trend in manual food choppers. (Looks kinda like a Rotato to me!)

  5. Ulises Fierro says:

    what dumbass doesnt know the difference between a noodle and a zucchini…..

  6. Jemmie Shi says:

    Who would cut that much stuff on one tiny chopping board

  7. StyleMermaid says:

    Isn’t that Zayn’s little sister?

  8. Rosy Vegan says:

    that’s called a fucking spirals\izer and it does not SLICE it! it just makes them into noodles! -.-

  9. hayate torres says:

    the kids on the video are like – fuck this taste like shit i hate it

  10. Katikas says:

    I would TOTALLY know the difference between pasta and “zucchini noodles”. Those poor kids

  11. Julie Bane says:

    what if I want chopped veggies?? lord up these people designing these garbage products

  12. ja1kee says:

    Since when was pasta deemed unhealthy?

  13. elizabeth burley says:

    My grandma has one of these but it’s a older one

  14. Kyla Chu says:

    How does the meal be more fun? ????

  15. Crimtastic says:

    I rather spend hours on a meal instead looking like a fucking helpless retard standing in my kitchen turning a crank to cut my vegetables. And who the hell uses hours to cut vegetables anyway

  16. Kanuktap Pinestatien says:

    R.I.P Kiddoesn’t know shes eating vegetables

  17. TheWheatcereal says:

    1:22 the way he said it sounds kinda sinister…

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