As Seen On TV: Big Top Freeze Pop Review


    The Product: Big Top Freeze Pop

    The Promise: “The Super Size, Super Delicious, Super Fun, Frozen Creation Sensation!”

    The Total Price: 4 Big Top Freeze Pops for a grand total of $23.90.



Big Top Freeze Pop Review

What is Big Top Freeze Pop?

The Big Top Freeze Pop is essentially a super sized Popsicle maker.

What Makes Big Top Freeze Pop A Good Buy?

  • The special design of the Big Top Freeze Pop opens up slightly when properly frozen.
  • It’s a giant sized Popsicle!

Does Big Top Freeze Pop Have A Special Offer?

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Big Top Freeze Pop Total Price Breakdown

When ordered, you’ll get 2 Big Top Freeze Pops for $10 + $6.95 S&H plus 2 more Big Top Freeze Pops for an additional $6.95 S&H for a grand total of $23.90.

Big Top Freeze Pop Lowest Price

At the time of this writing the best price for the Big Top Freeze Pop is from the website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Big Top Freeze Pop?

The Big Top Freeze Pop is not available in stores. At the time of this writing the only place to order is from the website. (All of the big yellow box links on this page link to the official website.)

Does Big Top Freeze Pop Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

The Big Top Freeze Pop comes with a 30 day money back guarantee minus S&H.

Big Top Freeze Pop Customer Service Information

Phone: 877-300-5499

Hours: M-F 9am-5pm EST

Does Big Top Freeze Pop Really Work?

During our testing, the Big Top Freeze Pop performed wonderfully. The instructions were easy to follow, and our frozen treats turned out delicious every time. Our youngest and his friends couldn’t get enough of the larger sized pops and wanted to try several of the recipes.

Big Top Freeze Pop Review: Our Conclusion

All in all we really liked the Big Top Freeze Pop. The large size, and fun shape held our kid’s interest and they had a lot of fun trying it out. We recommend this product for anyone with kids or grand kids. If this happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Big Top Freeze Pop Today!


What are YOUR thoughts about Big Top Freeze Pop? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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33 comments on “As Seen On TV: Big Top Freeze Pop Review
  1. Madeline Snyder says:

    OMG it’s round. That will make evreyone want this

  2. TFiPW says:

    Vodka shot pops :)

  3. Chicky Girl says:

    Cool I want that

  4. Kenneth Liu says:

    So dumb!

  5. Adela Kedar says:

    Vodka dosen’t freeze in a regular freezer so you probably can’t make that

  6. itsjen516 says:

    hasnt this been around for 800 years … those ice trays

  7. yasmin alkhafaji says:

    That’s not big

  8. osjuchava says:

    the kid in the car wants the d…

  9. Susan Findlay-nomura says:

    It’s not big…

  10. Parul Boda says:

    Brrrr cold

  11. Jennie Puth says:

    i like big, yummy, and round things….

  12. Katy Louise says:

    +grav3yardgirl Try this x Love from England hahaha

  13. Waterbender says:

    You can buy normal Popsicle molds at the store which cost less and are bigger than the Big Top Freeze Pop

  14. RocknRollSpidey says:

    Yeah, don’t these exist already?

  15. Mckayla Moskal says:

    Guy: there’s something really big! Me: I don’t see anything big the popsicle isn’t even big. So what is this annoying commercial? !?

  16. L lawliet says:

    “Loud lemonade” what.

  17. louisa veronica says:

    Even barf ?

  18. Ellie Son says:

    0.37 why are they so happy about eating a round ice pole XD

  19. Aya Mezher says:

    I hate that licking sound!

  20. savannah reed says:

    That licking sound annoyed the shit oughta me

  21. Khansatabina Shaloum says:

    Omg is very cool

  22. Kyla Chu says:

    1:00 ????

  23. Kyla Chu says:

    You can get coffee Big Top Freeze Pop…

  24. heyits kyla says:

    It better make that licking sound

  25. Hailey Forster says:

    My Popsicle maker has straws in the drip tray thing

  26. Smart Cookie says:

    lmao these are just smaller more expensive popsicles wtf

  27. ThatSeaBiscuit says:

    “It’s so big!” That thing is fucking PUNY!

  28. Brezzy Joseph says:

    TV guide: “it’s big yummy and round”Me: “Deez nuts lol” ????????????

  29. Plip plop says:

    It’s BIGYUMMYand ROUNDWtf.

  30. Saul Negrete says:


  31. Total.Drama .aj says:

    +grav3yardgirl you should try this!

  32. Senpai says:

    “It’s big, yummy, and round!”( ?° ?? ?°)

  33. Andrew A says:

    0:17 That girl is way too old to be as surprised as she was.

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