As Seen On TV: Big Vision Eyewear Review

Big Vision Eyewear Commercial

    The Product: Big Vision Eyewear

    The Promise: “Turn small and fuzzy into big and clear instantly!”

    The Total Price: 2 pair of Big vision Eyewear and carrying cases and lanyards for $23.98

Big Vision Eyewear Product Information

What is Big Vision Eyewear?

Big Vision Eyewear is essentially a pair of glasses that act as a 200% magnification lens whilw you wear them.

What Makes Big Vision Eyewear A Good Buy?

Big Vision Eyewear can be used over your regular glasses to make for a magnification experience that you can see!

Does Big Vision Eyewear Have A Special Offer?

Double Offer

Big Vision Eyewear Total Price Breakdown

1 pair of Big Vision Eyewear for $10 + $6.99 shipping and handling + a second pair for an additional $6.99 shipping and handling for a grand total of $23.98 before tax. (You’ll also receive 2 lanyards and carrying cases.)

Big Vision Eyewear Lowest Price

The lowest price to buy Big Vision Eyewear is from the official company website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Big Vision Eyewear?

This Big Vision Eyewear offer is not available in stores. Just click any of the big yellow boxes on this page to order from the official company website.

Does Big Vision Eyewear Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Big Vision Eyewear comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the costs of shipping and handling.

Big Vision Eyewear Customer Service Information

Telephone: 844-260-1494


Does Big Vision Eyewear Really Work?

We have been unable to test Big Vision Eyewear for ourselves just yet. However, feedback we have received indicates that this product will work as advertised.

Big Vision Eyewear Review: Our Conclusion

Although it’s appearance could be judged as rather silly, Big Vision Eyewear is a nice solution to being able to see better when things are tiny. So if you have a need to see a little bit clearer and like the style be sure to do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Big Vision Eyewear today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Big Vision Eyewear? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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26 comments on “As Seen On TV: Big Vision Eyewear Review
  1. Jorge Borbor says:

    Only Everything

  2. ja1kee says:

    Have these people never heard of glasses?

  3. Melinda Willis says:

    Does it make everything bigger?

  4. Aivi Lang says:

    Lol people stupid if they bought that but at the same time some people can’t afford it though so yaaaaaa but it will be a total rip off …..

  5. Isha Dewitt says:

    Why don’t these people buy glasses

  6. BemaniFan says:

    This is why bifocals exsist

  7. Livingdead Lucy says:

    what is the point? you can purchase reading glasses anywhere. even in pound/dollar stores!

  8. Nirvezz says:

    I guess a magnifier is too mainstream. Haha don’t look at the sun with this product! Lol

  9. Stephen Yue says:

    This is a big rip off scam.DO NOT BUY.It started out with $9.99 for 1 pair and then doubling to buy 1 and get 1 free but you have to pay $ 7.99 for shipping for the second pair the original $ 7.99 for the first pair. Then as you go to the 2nd page for ordering , they ask for additional $4.99 for the carrying case for EACH pair then then the next page they will ask you to upgrade anti-scratch lens for an additional of $ 7.99 for EACH pair then on the next page . Then they ask you for your credit card info. Then BEFORE you AGREE to process the transaction, they charged your credit card right-a-way. Then they sent you an text message with the confirmed order which includes an additional $20.00 for SHIPPING. THIS IS A SCAM COMMERCIAL WHICH NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN.DO NOT BUY. BEWARE.

  10. Jean Strauss says:

    Wait til you get old. After cataracts I can drive without my trifocals for the first time, but can’t pull a splinter. Try holding a magnifying glass in one hand and making jewelry . Or wearing one around your neck and getting everything in position.. I have $1000 IchBerlin eyewear and still have three different over the counter prescriptions to do different detailed projects like reading in bed. Not complaining because I can see, but I miss all the things I used to see easily. I am buying tonight. Wish me luck. Hope you fare better.

  11. Markes Jordan says:

    Thig is good for womans when they are having sex with a asain guy that has a small penis

  12. wcresponder says:

    Big bullshit. They do not magnify 200x.

  13. powermugu says:

    The ad on tv has now changed to 160% instead of 200%. Anyway, don’t ever buy anything before reading reviews online, and beware of fake reviews done by a lot of “reviewers” without no review history.

  14. Timothy Forseth says:

    Has anyone ever received an pair of these glasses? I placed an order and nothing was ever sent to me or charged to my credit card.

  15. Frank Trombly says:

    Hey jackass Ja1kee, ever watch the commercial? You’re an idiot. These glasses are specifically for reading really small print that you can’t even really see with a pair of prescription glasses or perfect vision. You’re the idiot you freak!!

  16. Little miss says:

    Just bye glasses from the dollar store it’s less stupid!

  17. Joe Bigschit says:

    You can get better ones at the chain drug stores for ten bucks. Plus they are higher quality and you can pick the style you want. No S&H and you don’t have to wait 6 weeks.

  18. Aliyuddeen Audi says:

    I am a Nigerian do you have any depot here that I can purchase the glass?

  19. Kimberly Seymour says:

    Amy duggar is on this commercial!

  20. tia poonia says:

    Um there’s something called glasses I know u don’t necessarily need glasses but they do kinda look ugly on ur face

  21. Jesse Vidal says:

    my God, the’re as big as the windshield on my motorhome

  22. glen pittman says:

    eye doctors rip people off by giveing people a frre exam then they want two hundred dollars for glasses. dentists are the worst rip off people around.

  23. Tracy Isham says:

    mine broke alreadynot happy.

  24. Felix Villa says:

    un telefono en estados unidos o donde sea

  25. Felix Villa says:

    Necesito el teléfono.

  26. Greg Shuffield says:

    On TV commercial they thread a needle..I swear thats a much larger needle its the size of a butter knife with the glasses on..I call BULLSHIT

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