As Seen On TV: Bit 360 Screwdriver Commercial

The Product: Bit 360

The Promoter: APG

The Promise: “The Screwdriver that Changes Bits Quickly and Easily with a Twist!”

The Total Price: 2 Bit 360’s for $19.90 before tax.

Bit 360 Screwdriver Product Information

The Bit 360 Screwdriver is a multi bit screwdriver that features a quick change bit head that keeps your bits safe from being lost and misplaced!

Using the Bit 360 is super simple! Just pull back, twist the cylinder to the bit you want and push at back!

The Bit 360 comes with 6 common screwdriver heads, but you can also load your own up in it for special projects!

What are YOUR thoughts about the Bit 360 Screwdriver? Should Nick and I review it? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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6 comments on “As Seen On TV: Bit 360 Screwdriver Commercial
  1. erica penny says:

    Do you guys think you can review this product for Father’s Day!!!!!!

  2. Lps DIY Prodigy says:

    this tool is already invented because my dad has it

  3. The Wolf Girl Behind The Camera says:

    Nothing says I love you like a multi screwdriver. Look mummy look I got you a screwdriver for your birthday


    is this the same as screwdriver buddy.

  5. tim evans says:

    Buy a craft an multi bit screwdriver, it’s better and is from a trusted company.

  6. tim evans says:


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