As Seen On TV: Bowl Brite Review


Bowl Brite As seen On TV Commercial

    The Product: Bowl Brite

    The Promise: “The night light that’s ready when you are!”

    The Total Price: 2 Bowl Brites for a grand total of $16.99



Bowl Brite Product Information

Bowl Brite As Seen On TV Bowl Brite is a motion activated night light that attaches to the lid of your toilet. When properly set up, Bowl Brite shines red when the toilet seat is up and green when the toilet seat is down.

When ordered from the Bowl Brite website you’ll get 2 Bowl Brites for a grand total of $16.99.



Bowl Brite As Seen On TV Commercial Review


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23 comments on “As Seen On TV: Bowl Brite Review
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Bowl Brite is the best ASOTV toilet commercial since Sneak A Poo!

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    Here’s my full review of the Bowl Brite As seen On TV commercial. You can check out everything together over on my blog: #asseenontv #asotv #bowlbrite

  3. TFiPW says:

    Because plugging in a night light or installing a dimmer is so difficult.I need lots of light to aim properly.

  4. itisme3257 says:


  5. itisme3257 says:

    1:28 so she wants her toilet very bright! :-)

  6. Edi says:

    That quote xD

  7. Cutie Catie says:


  8. Trubbiish says:

    “Green tells me the seat is down and it’s safe to sit” Ayo bitch, is it really that hard to look before you sit down anywhere?

  9. Sean Prónay says:

    Would love to see this, but my browser doesn’t recognize HTML5 video. Is there a less restrictive version uploaded somewhere?

  10. hunter brown says:

    What the hell?

  11. Lilian Donahue says:

    Who comes up with this stuff? No, who APPROVES this stuff?!

  12. JacksonEbert says:

    That’s gonna hurt when you poop

  13. kenneth weilenmann says:

    What the heck

  14. hulkamainia1234 says:

    Green light makes the toilet look like goulies lol

  15. Mike Petruska says:

    Wow that’s dumb. Close The Door, and Turn on the damn light.

  16. Queenbee cece says:

    Someone didnt pay the light bills

  17. Kyla Chu says:

    Ok…?Who needs this stuff???

  18. Kyla Chu says:

    As if you can’t close the door and turn on the bathroom light…

  19. Artistic Llama says:

    There is a lot of reasons of how this could go wrong. I’m not going to list all of them, here are two: Man still wouldn’t be able to see and might end up peeing on the light, second what if the toilet overflows while the lid is down? I still like your channel

  20. Shu Yura says:

    Lol why can’t the guys just sit and pee, shouldn’t that just save all the hastle? The guys in my house all sit instead of standing haha

  21. ??????? says:

    What if it falls in the toilet. Will you get a refund?

  22. Little miss says:

    Unless the toilet is in the middle of your bedroom, shutting the bathroom door and turning on the light shouldn’t wake anyone up.

  23. Zoltán Marosi says:

    Red light: 3,2,1Green light: GO!

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