As Seen On TV: Bright Eyes Blanket Review


    The Product: Bright Eyes Blanket

    The Promise: “The Super fun Blanket with Glow In The Dark Eyes”

    The Total Price: Buy One Get One Free $14.95 + S&H



Bright Eyes Blanket Review

Our review for the Bright Eyes Blanket will be posted here as soon as our product arrives and it can be tested.

What are YOUR thoughts about Bright Eyes Blanket? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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23 comments on “As Seen On TV: Bright Eyes Blanket Review
  1. Regan Daniels says:

    College freshman?

  2. Germanie Williams says:

    Has any one actually ordered from them??

  3. Shane Trusty says:

    The Bright Eyes Blanket reminds me of a child sized Pillow Pet without the stuffing. The TV spot really plays up all of the tried and true angles of showing the kids having an exciting time. (For me, it was just a bit on the creepy side though.)

  4. Brittany Leaycraft says:

    Don’t order from them! It’s a scam, unfortunately. I ordered two over a month ago and they never arrived. Tried to call customer service and it disconnects as soon as it rings nor is there an email address or physical address.

  5. leisa melville says:

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  6. Paul Moen says:

    I ordered these on April 5th, 2014 and was told they are back ordered. Tomorrow, I contact our Better Business Bureau, this has to stop, I am waiting on two orders. Bad thing, the kids are waiting for them and ask everyday.

  7. sscswimmer1 says:

    1:14 twerk that shit girllll

  8. jupiknight says:

    Was the sound effect they chose really needed for the panda…

  9. TheUnicorn Quartet says:

    i am now scarred for life

  10. pegisister pie says:

    0:25 I dont think shes watching tv 0_________0

  11. Zach Brancato says:

    Yep. Another new WTF Blanket.

  12. jetraydominatesminecraft says:

    With bright eyes blankets kids won’t want to cuddle anything or anyone else even their parents.

  13. Gwendolyn says:

    Wow.. I’m sitting here reading comments about a blanket for kids OR even adults that are absolutely the most unbelievable, not to mention, obsurd! If you, as an adult, are creeped out or even could go as far as being so insecure with your relationship with child that you would think that they would rather cuddle the blanket then sit with you and cuddle, then it sounds as though you have “personal” issues of your own that you need to contend with.
    It’s an adorable blanket, I myself at 38yrs old, am going to order one for myself and my best friend! I thought that it would be the perfect, not to mention cute, for the two of us to take with us when we go for our monthly infusion treatment for our MS. My husband has a snuggie that he used during his cancer treatments and our Shitzu has a matching one! I’m going to also send one to my 2yr old nephew. I think that with it glowing in the dark, he will love it and be distracted from the fact that he is fearful of the dark.

    I can’t understand if you have such negative comments and you feel as you do about this product, then why did you but it? Because your child wanted it or for whatever reason? If you felt they were creepy, will cause your child to pull away from you or for whatever the reason.. Why didn’t you just simply tell your child NO (a word parents these days just do not know) or decide against the purchase. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial over and over to be able to come to a decision. Then again all of you could be several of the millions that just like to have a reason to go online and be the ones to show the rest of us that bordem is the number one cause for bitchiness. Instead of the time you spend on here or other places posting your ridiculous complaints.. You could be spending time with your kids! Just sayin’

  14. Tammy Bohanan says:

    Go walmart, They have them for 19.99

  15. rcman1023 says:

    Just.. What the actual fuck..

  16. Ayoob Abdullah says:

    It’s kinda like it’s saying am I naked

  17. To_Tall_CG*aly.g * says:

    i was the brown hair and brown eyes that was small-(in the commercial)

  18. Shania Irani says:

    The fur sticks to your clothes

  19. ??????? says:

    Has anyone else noticed the panda sound effect they use? (. ;)

  20. Viola Phoebe says:


  21. Skymin- says:

    I’d rather buy a kigurumi.

  22. Robert Coyle says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have cable!

  23. Otella Hobson says:

    Nice my needs one

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