As Seen On TV: Catch Caddy Review


Catch Caddy Commercial

    The Product: Catch Caddy

    The Promise: “Car Seat Caddy Catches Items Before They Drop!”

    The Total Price: A total of 4 Catch Caddy organizers and a “mystery gift” for a grand total of $27.85.

Catch Caddy Video Review

Nick and Shane from the As Seen On TV Blog review the Catch Caddy and it’s As Seen On TV commercial in this As Seen On TV review.


What are YOUR thoughts about Catch Caddy? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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18 comments on “As Seen On TV: Catch Caddy Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Tired of losing your phone and other valuables down the side of your car seat? Maybe it’s time to check out the Catch Caddy! #asseenontvblog #asotv #catchcaddy

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    Tired of losing your phone and other valuables down the side of your car seat? Maybe it’s time to check out the Catch Caddy! #asseenontvblog #asotv #catchcaddy

  3. Al Dobinson says:

    Tried to purchase items…went through up to process order, but nothing after that. no confirmation email?

  4. Kristi Olguin says:

    Tried to order from the official website, but never got a confirmation. Was afraid to hit the red process order button again for fear I may end up with 4 separate orders.

  5. Martha R. says:

    Tried to order, but website would not accept either of the debit cards I tried to use. What’s up with that?

  6. patern4 says:

    The product may be decent, but the company is deceitful. The terms that implied that ‘buy 2 get 2 free’ would be about $23, turned out to mean $45.80, and forget about cancelling the order before it’s (supposedly) shipped. I was told my late night order was shipped at 6 AM the next morning-obviously a lie intended to make sure they got their $ from the inflated shipping charges. I intend to refuse the delivery so at least I don’t have to pay any more money to return the product, but they got me for enough to make sure they made $ on me. Lesson learned. Never make a purchase unless you can see the total charge before you hit ‘submit’.

  7. Stephanie Harris says:

    Have to try this for my car

  8. david Buchanon david buchanon says:

    Bullshit that only Women will buy because no matter how many times I told my Hardheaded Ex Wife NOT to eat in the Car I would still find French Fries under the seats! Maybe had I bought a Catch Caddy I wouldn’t be Divorced today Ha! Ha! Ha! Na! Divorce the best thing that was ever invented for a Marriage.

  9. George says:

    Too many negative comments. Am afraid to order

  10. BerryPatch4yrsold says:

    This is a great idea to solve a great frustration for everyone. The cell phone, car keys, sunglasses, etc. are difficult to retrieve from that “no man’s land” of empty space in all SUVs. BUT, this product is just not it. Idea is great, but the execution is awful. The product could not be more flimsy or cheaply manufactured. It is slippery and small, and just slid right down the same black hole that it is supposed to fill. This was in a Chevy Tahoe. It probably costs only a few cents to manufacture each “caddy.” Please do not get your hopes up that this will work.

  11. Bleeep says:

    IT’s good. Why the thumb down

  12. TheSUPERVANQUISH says:

    or you could just stuff a tshirt in between the seat and console, save $10 + shipping

  13. jonjonChgO says:

    I could make that

  14. Diana says:

    If you want a divorce my advice is to buy the Catchcaddy. All it will do is add more junk to your wife’s car and make her think you are that cheap ass she married in the first place. IT DOESNT WORK LIKE MOST MEN!

  15. ShopQueen says:

    This is clearly a knock off of CatchMonkey. It’s not even trademarked like they claim. Do your research before padding a crooks mortgage. To top it off it does not work and freight cost more than the product.

  16. Mariana Gerzanych says:

    Ok, I will try to order. But don’t know if i can with my prepaid master card. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Harris Dams says:

    Nice one it is.

  18. Nickhos Gaming says:


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