As Seen On TV: Cloud Pets Teddy Review

    The Product: Cloud Pets

    The Promise: “A message you can hug!”

    The Total Price: 1 CloudPets Teddy for $29.99 + $6.99 s/h for a grand total of $36.98.

CloudPets Review

What are Cloud Pets?

Cloud Pets are the teddy bear that can receive and send messages to and from loved ones via an app for Apple and Android enabled smart phones and devices.

What Makes Cloud Pets A Good Buy?

Cloud Pets Teddy is a great way to connect with loved ones when you’re away. And being able to send a message back using the teddy bear itself makes it an even better value!

Cloud Pets Commercial

Does Cloud Pets Teddy Have A Special Offer?

Free shipping for active duty military.

Cloud Pets Teddy Total Price Breakdown

One Cloud Pets Teddy for $29.99 + $6.99 s/h for a grand total of $36.98.

Cloud Pets Teddy Lowest Price

The lowest price we could find the Cloud Pets Teddy was from the official CloudPets Teddy website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Does CloudPets Teddy Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

CloudPets Teddy is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the costs of shipping and handling.

CloudPets Teddy Customer Service Information

Telephone: 844-208-0018


Does CloudPets Teddy Really Work?

Cloud Pets does work as advertised. (However, we found set up to be difficult!)

CloudPets Teddy Review: Our Conclusion

In conclusion, we really liked the CloudPets Teddy. It is a fun and unique way to keep in touch with loved ones, and does it for an acceptable price. We heartily recommend this for anyone who wants a fun way to keep in touch with loved ones while away.

So if this happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR CloudPets Teddy today!

What are YOUR thoughts about CloudPets Teddy? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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49 comments on “As Seen On TV: Cloud Pets Teddy Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    The CloudPets Teddy is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones while you are away! #asseenontv #asotv #cloudpets #cloudpetsteddy

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    New commercial out for the CloudPets Teddy. #asseenontv #asotv #cloudpets #cloudpetsteddy

  3. emrocks5678 says:

    I think this one is actually a good idea

  4. All Of My Love Tess says:

    Ok, this is a good one!

  5. lilkimchim says:

    This one is actually pretty good!

  6. Zoeybatterup152 says:

    1:15 that murder voice doe

  7. mrzoozilla says:

    Or you could, you know, make a phone call

  8. rukiagirl666 says:

    +grav3yardgirl you should try this

  9. Anna Pesti says:

    This is a nice product! Such a nice way to stay in touch :)

  10. Taylar Johnson says:

    I bet you can only record for like 10 seconds.

  11. Emma says:

    Then when the kid is older they can upgrade to texting

  12. Rosy Vegan says:

    this guy sounds like a pedophile 0:07

  13. nishihs says:

    why not just make a phone call? and then hug a teddy bear?

  14. Jennie Puth says:

    i’ll probably accidently press the button whilst having intercourse. silly me.

  15. E3_Smasher inc says:

    “Hi this is grandma see you real soon” had me diein

  16. Yog Sothoth says:

    I think I read a creepypasta like this.

  17. DerpyRainbowPanda says:

    Ooh my dad’s active duty military.. Should get this…

  18. NotYourTypical12YearOld says:

    If i got this i’d give it to my best friend then in the middle of the night say really creepy things

  19. ac3b1s says:

    Scare your kids with let Teddy say with recording lines from Hellraiser and let him say in Pinheads voice “we tare your soul apart”

  20. Mckayla Moskal says:

    It’s called taping a phone to a bear!

  21. Tails the Fox says:

    XD you could prank people with that,make it say I WILL MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP

  22. Gold Mario says:


  23. WobblyTeacup says:

    i use this to evade the NSA

  24. ememgg says:

    This could go so unbelievably wrong if someone demented like me were to get a hold of it…

  25. TK94732 says:

    that nice, teddy that talking

  26. Kyla Chu says:

    LOL! Give it to someone and say really creepy and scary things at night XD

  27. Awesomex says:


  28. Maddie Lester says:

    This is actually really cool!

  29. Amydali86 says:

    this is so cute!

  30. Luna Valdez says:

    OK have you ever for 8 macaroni and cheese

  31. AmelieBrooks says:

    grandma is a teddybear XD … okay sorry but I totally thinking of this for pranks XDDD … ohgawd I have a whole bunch of prank ideas whit it hahahaha …

  32. Malia Engle says:

    Am I the only one who thought of lotso from toy story?

  33. Kittyfox67 says:

    why not make a phone call or skype

  34. julia Hadford says:

    I want this

  35. maddie adams says:

    imagine having this for a long distance relationship :’)

  36. ting0n says:

    This make me cry:'(

  37. Miss Amanda's world says:

    Even with shipping that’s not a bad price for what cloud teddy is.and sk genrous to give free shipping to active military.

  38. Nar Riktu says:
  39. Maritza Morales says:


  40. Sammy Rico says:

    this is why we have CELL PHONES :-:

  41. GamingCentral says:

    Lol 1:7

  42. Ashley West says:

    I am going to sleep away camp and I wanted to know if I would to have to have a phone w/ me to have the bear working. I am not aloud to have my phone with me. I thought this was a cool idea to be able to contact Home and would I need to have wifi for it to work? Once again there isn’t wifi in my camp so I don’t know.

  43. lily peckman says:

    NISHISH or how ever you wanna spell what you wanna call a name. When a grand child lives with you for three years because his dad went into the military and you can’t count on the phone cause it doesn’t hold a charge or” mommy” forgets to charge it, just so you can call and say goodnight to your grandson that now lives six states away it would be nice to be able to give your 3 year old and 9 month old grandchildren a message to say goodnight it would be a lot easier then giving a child a telephone. Some people are just idiots with no common sense and obviously no heart. When you take care of someone that long it’s suppose to be upsetting and emotional to let them go. Have a great afternoon and I hope to God that you never have grandkids for their sake.

  44. Troy Goodwin says:

    Now, that’s a thunder buddy. Phuck You, Thunder!

  45. SmashItWithaHamma says:

    Lol @ the grandma sentimentally snuggling her tablet

  46. Amani Leon says:

    If I got my kid one of these, I’d have to send them a really creepy message in the middle of the night. xD

  47. Crystal Roessner says:


  48. cáfe nékø says:

    This is sweet and btw why is this is the as found in the kitchen playlist

  49. frankburt gaming says:

    the narrator sounds like a pedophile lol

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