As Seen On TV: Dreamers Character Blanket Review

The Promoter: Harvest Direct
The Product: Dreamers
The Promise: “The blanket and pillow set that’s perfect for sleep and play!”
The Total Price: 1 Dreamers blanket and pillow for $29.98

Dreamers Product Information

What Are Dreamers?

Dreamers are the new character blanket and pillow set from Harvest Direct that are perfect for both sleep and play! You can choose from the following characters when ordered: Fireman, Princess, Mermaid, Pirate, Super Hero, and Super Woman.

What Makes Dreamers A Good Buy?

Dreamers are a good buy for anyone who has a little one who enjoys imaginative play or just wants a full sized body printed on a blanket!

Does The Dreamers Blanket Have A Special Offer?

No special offer was found for Dreamers character Blankets.

Dreamers Total Price Breakdown

Choose any one of the six Dreamers character blankets for just $19.99 + $9.99 shipping and handling for a grand total of $29.98 before tax.

Dreamers Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for Dreamers

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Dreamers?

At the time of this writing this offer is not available in stores. We could only find Dreamers via the Dreamers blanket website.

Does The Dreamers Character Blanket Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

No guarantee or warranty information was found for Dreamers.

Dreamers Customer Service Information

Telephone:(781) 763-7333

Do Dreamers Really Work?

Inconclusive: Nick and I have not had a chance to try out Dreamers hands on yet but feel that it should work as advertised based on previous good experience with the product’s promoter Harvest Direct.

Dreamers Review: Our Conclusion

All in all, nick and I love the concept for Dreamers! They encourage imaginative play, and are a fun way to get your little one to lay down for sleep.

We really hope Dreamers take off as they would make a great vehicle for licensed kids characters down the road if popular. (But the current lineup is more than enough to choose from for now!)

So if you have a young one who likes to pretend, or just want a sweet looking blanket and pillow set, then be sure to click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Dreamers now!

What are YOUR thoughts about Dreamers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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15 comments on “As Seen On TV: Dreamers Character Blanket Review
  1. Jamie Murphy says:

    I think this is great for the kids.

  2. Dani Morris says:

    I want the mermaid one but I’m sure too big, they look like they’re only big enough for kids :/

  3. Lily Bart says:

    I want to be a mermaid!

  4. BemaniFan says:

    Can this lady get more excited

  5. Shiteyanyo ._. says:

    I think this teaches 8 yr olds how to get boobs.

  6. Shiteyanyo ._. says:

    (*talks* *to* *grass*) I love you all.

  7. swaglicious noodles says:


  8. MrBlakBunny says:

    as a kid, i never cared what was on my blanket, aslong as it didn’t get stolen by my brothers…

  9. Miss Amanda's world says:

    Sexist blankets what of he wants to be princess or merman and she wants to be the firfighter or the pirate. Aso wjat if she wants to be super hero but not in oink and purple. My main thing is ad is very sexest. Also seriously more variety if going to do something like thisn

  10. Sspitfire says:

    *waves to no one*”I love you all”

  11. Mackinzie Hurley says:

    there needs to be a scouting legion soldier one.

  12. Yog Sothoth says:

    Here’s what I’d never settle for as a kid – a blanket instead of dressup.

  13. ThatsTWOSimple says:

    It’s a blanket.. You don’t need to tell us we can snuggle and watch TV, get read a story ect.

  14. Gracie Town says:

    Its funny how the princess, mermaid, and super girl blankets all had the teeniest tiniest waists and limbs.

  15. Marchella Mafrica says:

    This reinforces gender roles. Why can’t the girls be a pirate? Why are their only options “pretty” princess or mermaid? She even says “I need your help” to one little boy. I wish I had 4 hands to give this 4 thumbs down.

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