As Seen On TV: EzCuddle Contour Pillow Commercial Review


    The Product: ExCuddle Pillow

    The Promise: “You’ll never cuddle the same way again!”

    The Total Price: 1 EzCuddle Pillow and one liner for a grand total of $39.90 before tax.



EzCuddle Product Information

EzCuddle_Pillow_As_Seen_On_TV_Commercial_Buy_EzCuddle_Pillow_As_Seen_On_TV_Contour_Pillow_For_Cuddling EzCuddle is a contour pillow that not only helps you keep your head and neck aligned properly during sleep, but also includes a channel underneath it for your arm. Now you’ll never have to worry about your arm falling asleep while cuddling or just laying on your side.

When ordered you’ll get 1 EzCuddle Pillow and one pillow cover for a grand total of $39.90 before sales tax.



EzCuddle As Seen On TV Commercial Review


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12 comments on “As Seen On TV: EzCuddle Contour Pillow Commercial Review
  1. Dimitri Petrov says:

    0:48 Anyone else hear that faint purring sound?

  2. Cutie Catie says:


  3. Claire Johanson says:


  4. jennifer wentura says:

    Second lol

  5. Shane Trusty says:

    The EzCuddle commercial had me cracking up! Watch the commercial and then click the link below to watch my video review of the EzCuddle. #asotv #ezcuddle

  6. zombiesingularity says:


  7. Craftie says:

    Her eyes are disturbingly close together.

  8. Lily Bart says:

    0:47. Gross.

  9. AmelieBrooks says:

    nokay i confess i would totally buy that XD

  10. Evil Panda O_o says:

    those actors are bad as fuck. My 3 year old neighbors can do better than that shit

  11. Evil Panda O_o says:

    did anyone else realize that when they showed that person at 1:28 she was FUCKING NUDE XD

  12. Sophie Marren says:

    Ok, a lady and a man are sleeping in a bed together. The part I don’t get it why the fuck does the guy wear a t-shirt and the lady wears a freaking jumper?!!??! They’re not even pajamas!????

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