As Seen On TV: Furzie Reusable Lint Roller Review

The Product: Furzie Reusable Lint Brush And Pet Hair Remover

The Promoter: Furmaster

The Total Price: $19.95

Furzie Product Review

* Special Note: We received a review copy of the Furzie in exchange for our honest review of this product.

For those that don’t know us already, we are huge fans of cats and especially our two house kitties. (Luke and Leia.) However, we are NOT fans of all of their fur that seems to be all over our house and clothes! So when we got a chance to try out the Furzie lint brush by Furmaster, we were pretty excited! We have used both the peel off lint rollers and even the As Seen On TV lint rollers but neither one truly worked all the time for us. (We hate having to buy new peel off rollers, and the rubbery As Seen On TV types tend to wear out after a while!)

What is Furzie?

Furzie is essentially a reusable lint brush that allows you to remove lint, pet hair, and debris from your clothing, furniture, or carpet. It looks like a scrub brush almost, but has very soft but firm bristles that make it easy to rinse and reuse. Simply brush the area you want to clean and when the brush head is full, just rinse and dry, and you’re ready again!

What Makes Furzie A Good Buy?

For me, Furzie is a good buy as it does an excellent job of getting rid of unwanted pet fur and is truly reusable! (We figure we can save a few bucks in the long run by never having to buy a refill brush again!) The brush does a super job of grabbing all of the pet fur off of any cloth surface we tried!

Where To Buy Furzie?

At this time Furzie is only available via

Does Furzie Really Work?

Yes! Furzie does in fact work as advertised! We have been using it for 2 weeks now and have brushed and rinsed several times. The brush head has stayed in good shape, and we have beautifully fur free clothes! We also used our Furzie to clean up some of our kitties favorite sleeping areas as well!

Furzie Review: Our Conclusion

All in all we have been very happy with our Furzie. It consistently does a great job of removing unwanted lint, fur, and debris, and rinses out easily. We like ours a lot and would recommend this for anyone with pets or a need for a good lint brush. (So if that happens to be you, be sure to click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Furzie today!)

What are YOUR thoughts about Furzie? Did we get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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