As Seen On TV: Go Kitty


    The Product: Go Kitty

    The Promise: “The Amazing Litter-Free Cat Box!”

    The Total Price: 1 Go Kitty box and 30 odor absorbing pads for a grand total of $27.94 before tax.



Go Kitty

Go Kitty Go Kitty is the specially designed pad that can be used to replace your cat’s litter box. Go Kitty pads come with a foldable box that can be set up like a traditional litter box or left open on a side for aging cats or small kittens.

Go Kitty pads include pheromones that make your cat want to use it! And when they’re done, the built in odor elimination kicks in making everything smelling great!


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23 comments on “As Seen On TV: Go Kitty
  1. PixarFan8080 says:

    Well. I have an immature cat. So…

  2. jupiknight says:

    They don’t really address the obvious problem of visible cat shit..

  3. jennifer wentura says:

    It dont work we tryed it our kittys smelled it then went poop & pee 5ft away from it. My kitty missy hizzed at it & was afrad of it.

  4. Olivier Joyal says:

    Cats won’t use that. They like to bury their poop into something.

  5. Avery Clements says:

    what about when it takes a poo lol

  6. ilovechickon lam says:

    you know you have problems when you have to buy as seen on tv items for an animal XD

  7. Mckayla Moskal says:

    Oh so a cheap colored as seen on tv cardboard box and some doggie pads could help. Wow!

  8. Mckayla Moskal says:

    Oh so a cheap colored as seen on tv cardboard box and some doggie pads could help. Wow!

  9. ScribbleTheLines says:

    Anyone else realize this is a shoe box and puppy pad’s, not kitty pads.

  10. Mimi Flange says:

    It a box with puppy pads

  11. elizabeth burley says:

    I’m more of a go doggie litter box myself lol

  12. Kyla Chu says:

    Only 30 pads?

  13. Emma Nelson says:

    So this product is just dog pee pads and a shoebox

  14. Porsh Lachance says:

    Cats need to burry their poop, if they don’t bury their poop its a sign of disrespect to their human. What a stupid invention

  15. Potatomadness says:

    You know what this reminds me of?A FREAKIN SHOE BOX.

  16. Amber Cats says:

    20 dollars for a box and 30 sheets of fabric or sumthing I’m sure my cat would rather just cover there poops with litter

  17. Rose Lalonde says:

    not even puppy pads can handle the piss ocean my cat makes when he holds it all day so this would do nothing

  18. Natalie ann says:

    But I’m not trying to see my cats poo sitting in a box with huge pee stains… I’m sticking with litter.

  19. Zolega89 says:

    If you hate kittylitter, don’t own a cat!

  20. Eden Ferguson says:

    uhh, cats try to cover their piss. so they would scratch it apart.

  21. Rachel Silveira says:

    Can you just like take a cardboard box then put some newspaper on top of it????????

  22. Rachel Silveira says:

    Yea cats like to play hide and seek with their poop and pee. They hide it in the litter. GET THAT OFF STOCK

  23. Rachel Silveira says:

    Wait don’t they sell this for dogs? The bag things. Just take those for extra.

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