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Gripeez Commercial



Gripeez Video Review

    The Product: Gripeez

    The Promise: “Hang any object, anywhere, in seconds!”

    The Total Price: 10 Gripeez pads for $10 + $4.95 S&H plus 10 more Gripeez pads for an additional $4.95 S&H plus 5 large and 5 small Gripeez hooks free. (Grand total of $19.90 before tax!)



Gripeez Product Information

What are Gripeez?

Gripeez are clear reusable sticky tabs that can be stuck and restuck up to a thousand times! They can be used to mount pictures, paintings, and all kinds of different objects.

What Makes Gripeez A Good Buy?

For me, the ability to use this on walls without leaving a mark was the main benefit. But the sheer number of uses is what makes Gripeez so much better than those one and done adhesive strips. (Hanging your razor in the show anyone?)

Does Gripeez Have A Special Offer?

Buy One Get one Free (BOGO)

Gripeez Lowest Price

Gripeez is a newly released product, so for now it is only available at the official company website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Gripeez?

Gripeez is currently not available in stores. (Be sure to click the big yellow boxes on this page if you want to order!)

Does Gripeez Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Gripeez comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Gripeez Customer Service Information

862-437-1111 extension 14 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday EST.

Do Gripeez Really Work?

Inconclusive: We have yet to physically test Gripeez ourselves, but based on what we know of the material it is using we are fairly confident that this will be a good value for the money.

Gripeez Review: Our Conclusion

All in all, we are excited to try Gripeez when ours arrives. This looks to be a great value and we believe that this could give those Command Adhesive folks a run for their money!


What are YOUR thoughts about Gripeez? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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13 comments on “As Seen On TV: Gripeez Review
  1. _Exentra_ says:

    Gotta love that broken phone

  2. Isha Dewitt says:

    Why does she have a bowling ball on the fridge

  3. flowerzombie8 says:


  4. Ronald Kint-Bruynseels says:

    I wonder how long that bowling ball will stick to the fridge before it kills the baby.

  5. Toby Snow says:

    anybody try this I need a wall hanging mount that won’t fail for a party im planning

  6. Sarah Shepherd says:

    first, WHO PUTS A BOWING BALL ON THE FRIDGE???? second, Why are the computers, tablets and phones always obviously Apple products in every infomercial?

  7. kevin comras says:

    Its a demo to show how well it works dummy

  8. Kalena Clark says:

    I wanted to order this so badly only to find out that they won’t ship to Hawaii. We weren’t even included as a State to choose from to ship to! I even called them on the phone and they were polite but said they computer wasn’t equipped to take my order. I am sick of Hawaii being treated like a foreign country. We do have USPS service you know! I dare someone from Gripeez to reply and tell me how to get this shipped to our lovely State…..

  9. FlyingMonkies325 says:

    Want to bet after you wash it that the sticky dies? lol

  10. amekanasai says:

    It’s just to show the adhesive strength of the pad. Y so serious.

  11. kevinzcomras says:

    produced by Kevin Comras at Inventel

  12. Queenbee cece says:

    @1:08-1:13 I know on not the only one who saw them driving backwards

  13. FuckYouGooglePlus says:

    Please tell me there is no one dumb enough to think that you could reuse this even ONE time. Anyone who has ever had anything like this knows that cleaning it does nothing but make it far less stick. And even if you buy it to use once…put anything of weight on it and it will last a few weeks, tops.

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