As Seen On TV: Ice Cream Express Review


    The Product: Ice Cream Express

    The Promise: “Fresh, all-natural homemade ice cream in less than 2 minutes!”

    The Total Price: 1 Ice Cream Express and bonus candy and nut crusher for a grand total of $39.97.



Ice Cream Express Review

What is Ice Cream Express?

Ice Cream Express is a specially designed pan that lets you make delicious home made ice cream or other frozen treats in a matter of minutes. Simply freeze the pan, add in your recipe ingredients and scrape and stir until perfectly frozen.

What Makes Ice Cream Express A Good Buy?

Ice Cream Express is a good buy in our book for the following reasons:

  • Ice Cream Express allows you to control exactly what what you put in your ice cream. Never worry about questionable food additives when YOU choose what goes in!
  • Ice Cream Express works fast! As long as you have the pan frozen you can make a delicious treat in a moments notice.

  • Does Ice Cream Express Have A Special Offer?

    Bonus candy and nut crusher with purchase.

    Ice Cream Express Total Price Breakdown

    1 Ice Cream Express for $19.99 + $9.99 shipping and handling + $9.99 shipping and handling for the candy and nut crusher for a minimum purchase price of $39.97 at checkout.

    Ice Cream Express Lowest Price

    At the time of this writing, the lowest price for Ice Cream Express can be found via the official company website.

    (Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

    Where To Buy Ice Cream Express?

    Ice Cream Express is currently not available in stores. The only place I could locate it was via the Ice Cream Express website

    Does Ice Cream Express Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

    Ice Cream Express is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

    Ice Cream Express Customer Service Information

    Telephone: 866-712-4961


    Does Ice Cream Express Really Work?

    We are happy to report that Ice Cream Express does work as advertised.

    We were able to make several different small batches of ice cream with delicious results. And the act of mixing and stirring the ice cream with the spatulas was actually kind of fun!

    We did have to refreeze ours after having it out for too long but once you get the hang of making it, you can whip up enough for the whole family to enjoy pretty easily.

    Ice Cream Express Review: Our Conclusion

    All in all, the Ice Cream Express is worth a purchase in our book. It’s a fun way to make delicious desserts with only the ingredients you choose, and its just plain fun.

    So if you’re looking for a new way to make delectable frozen treats be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Ice Cream Express today!


    What are YOUR thoughts about Ice Cream Express? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Mariam Manukjan says:

      +grav3yardgirl maybe you can try this one?

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      +grav3yardgirl Try This

    4. Ola Los says:

      +grav3yardgirl try this!

    5. rainepanda says:

      looks like i’ll have to buy 4 for my family of 4 lol it literally makes 1 serving

    6. Alexandra Serrano says:

      Can someone say hi to me plez ?

    7. Sidra Qureshi says:

      +grav3yardgirl can you do this please?

    8. flylikeabeetv says:

      And apparently poc can’t enjoy this product?

    9. Marcelina Gonzalez says:

      +grav3yardgirl please try this I wanna see if it’s true

    10. Katelyn Cao says:

      Will you have a review of this on your blog?

    11. xxlifeasme says:

      +grav3yardgirl try this please?

    12. Peach Ey says:

      My kids begged for this i saw it on ebay and bought it. it worked well for the children!

    13. Alana Gorman says:

      It actually works had it was so cool.

    14. Algerro Martin Reyes says:

      Ice Cream Express is awsome. I like that.

    15. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

      With Ice Cream Express, making home made ice cream is actually fun! #asseenontv #asotv #icecream #icecreamexpress

    16. Shane Trusty says:

      Ice Cream Express is a really fun way to make home made ice cream in under 2 minutes.

    17. Vanessa Qu says:

      does it really work ?

    18. Florence DyJhe says:

      Ive try this ice cream from a ice cream shop who use this thing. It works and nice.

    19. Florence DyJhe says:

      Ive try this ice cream from a ice cream shop who use this thing. It works and nice.

    20. Jesse Lank says:

      I love how he said store bought ice-cream is loaded with fat, and then right after that you see the kids having cookies with their ice-cream.

    21. Shannen Garcia says:

      +grav3yardgirl Please try this one next :)

    22. Kyla Chu says:

      You have to freeze it first…You sure it takes 2 minutes?

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    24. Foresthunter2 says:

      I’ve seen this but a much bigger version at the food stall in Thailand. Its quite good

    25. heckyeahtumblr says:

      +grav3yardgirl please do this one

    26. RaynStorm says:

      who would say that about store bought ice cream that is so mean

    27. Seif Khaled says:

      1:14 coconut milk is made of 75% water and contains lot of sugar to taste good (thats what i read on a can of coconut milk) so bad as “factory” icecream ,right?

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    29. Violet Dot says:

      +grav3yardgirl try this one

    30. stormageddon darklordofall says:

      If your kids scream when they sent get ice cream, then you have awful parenting skills

    31. Michael Setyawan says:

      This video is like a Thai ice Cream maker…

    32. evieb10 says:

      +grav3yardgirl Try this!!!!!

    33. Amber Cats says:

      I’ve seen the actual metal plates the people make ice cream on dey got skillz no not “skills” I mean “skillz”

    34. Plip plop says:

      Wait…it’s an ice cream maker.How the hell did the kid get an orange slushie?

    35. johanne toppenberg says:

      “Family fun night “….. i’m sorry

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      +grav3yardgirl try this please it would be a sweet and awesome experience!! <3 to see if it really works :)

    40. Jesse Mam says:

      Locals do that in Thailand so as seen on tv stole the idea

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