As Seen On TV: InVinceable All In One Cleaner Featuring Vince Offer


    The Product: InVinceable

    The Promise: Powerful All-In-One Cleaner

    The Price: 20 InVinceable tablets and 2 360 degree spray bottles for $23.90



InVinceable TV Commercial Information

Vince Offer, A.K.A. the most interesting pitchman on television, is back with a new TV commercial and product called surprisingly enough, InVinceable.

From what I can tell so far, InVinceable looks to be tablet form of Oxyclean that also comes with an amazing spray bottle that lets you easily spray from any angle.

As usual, Vince is a master of double entrandre and his InVinceable TV commercial is full of them. When dipping his hand in some nasty brown goop he comments about not worrying as he has done dirtier things before. There are also a couple of attractive ladies with a few thinly veiled jokes as well.

I’ve not heard whether the profits from InVinceable will be funding Vince’s next movie, but you can almost bet that will be the case.

I’ll be ordering InVinceable for myself and will be happy to report back my findings when I receive it.

What are YOUR thoughts about InVinceable? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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16 comments on “As Seen On TV: InVinceable All In One Cleaner Featuring Vince Offer
  1. karlo ayala says:

    to clean almost anything XD period. funny…

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    Vince Offer is a unique pitchman for the fact that his products sell more on his celebrity notoriety than product features. As usual, his TV commercial is engaging and funny, but better yet, makes you want to buy his product! Check out his TV spot for #InVinceable! #asseenontv #vinceoffer #asotv #tvcommercial #funny

  3. MrScoocks says:

    I felt lonely without a Vince commercial for such a long time…

  4. Laura Te Aho White says:

    Vince is a douchebag, I missed him.

  5. mrzoozilla says:

    Tbh.. I missed him

  6. donnk says:

    he looks different….

  7. QwertySkill says:

    0:25 we know vince, we know :(

  8. Shakaleesh says:

    That bottle is actually really innovative.

  9. Collin Pribula says:

    I’ll buy one!

  10. John MendozaVevo says:

    can it clean my ass

  11. Erica Davis says:

    But Spray Around!!

  12. SnaxAttacks says:


  13. Bombtrack411 says:

    What’s wrong with his face? Did he have a stroke?

  14. Dillan Makay says:

    Jesus that girl had was bleeding from her vaginal over her bed

  15. Hunter Remington says:

    This guy is ridiculous. A period joke, really?

  16. anisha hamilton says:

    its spilled wine on the bed. period joke is when the girl is washing her underwear

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