As Seen On TV: JAnimals Wearable Stuffed Animals Review


    The Product: JAnimals

    The Promise: “Wearable Stuffed Animals”

    The Total Price: 1 JAnimal suit for a minimum grand total of $39.98. (Multiple suits ordered during purchase will result in a lower price per suit.)



JAnimals Review

What are JAnimals?

JAnimals are cuddly soft stuffed animal toys that open up to become a full animal suit in your desired size! JAnimals are offered in the following styles cat, dog, zebra, giraffe, and unicorn and can be ordered in almost any size, even ones for adults!

What Makes JAnimals A Good Buy?

The biggest benefit that I could find was that you get a plush toy that you can turn around and wear for a decent price compared to a full animal suit from a costume shop.

Does JAnimals Have A Special Offer?

Discounts for multiple JAnimal’s purchased.

JAnimals Total Price Breakdown

1 JAnimal in your choice of style and size for $29.99 + $9.99 Shipping and handling. This results in a minimum grand total of $39.98 if only 1 is ordered.

JAnimals Lowest Price

At the time of this writing JAnimals are only available from the official JAnimals website. However, their Facebook page mentions that they will soon be available in Walmart stores.

(Use the search box below to find JAnimals at

Where To Buy JAnimals?

Janimals are currently not available in stores. However, their Facebook page mentions that they will soon be available at (In the meantime JAnimals can be purchased from the Official JAnimals website by click ing any of the big yellow buttons on this review page.)

Does JAnimals Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

There are no warranties or guarantees listed on the JAnimals official website page.

JAnimals Customer Service Information

Telephone: 1-877-330-4880


Do JAnimals Really Work?

JAnimals work in the fact that they really do transform from a stuffed animal to full animal suit. The construction is good, and the sizing seems to trend on the smaller side. Try to go a larger size than you normally wear for best results!

JAnimals Review: Our Conclusion

JAnimals are definitely a unique As Seen On TV product that a certain segment of the population might enjoy. They were personally a bit creepy for me, but who am I to judge?

So if the thought of a plush animal that transforms into a full animal suit appeals to you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR JAnimal today!


What are YOUR thoughts about JAnimals? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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100 comments on “As Seen On TV: JAnimals Wearable Stuffed Animals Review
  1. babymouse msp says:

    umm.. why would i where it to school , mall , store , carnival 0-0 wired who else got here from bunny aka grav3yardgirl XD

  2. ghostface2o2 says:

    Why in the hell would you dress like a facking tribble

  3. Vis Cera says:

    wait. isnt the song just weebls Narwhals but with new lyrics..?

  4. Mattie Wilson says:


  5. chris guyer says:

    They appeal to the severe and profoundly retarded .

  6. Ximena Tanco says:


  7. kironandtyler says:

    The theme song is just a remix of Narwhals

  8. Lemmy Koopa says:

    What kind of crack were they smoking?

  9. Joseph Aliberti says:

    Satanic Billy Mays here…

  10. Zeruckiven says:

    Imo, trap leading to furry children. J is clearly for Japanese. Japanese animal humans=furry. dun dun dunnnn!

  11. GoodSir King says:

    This is probably the most embarrassing, humiliating commercial i’ve ever seen.

  12. Justin Yglesias says:


  13. xDark Nova says:

    who the heck would wear this to the mall lol

  14. RCAvhstape says:

    Tizzle Wizzle show!

  15. JarOfRats says:

    Umm… yiff in hell?

  16. ajbahus says:

    I feel like the guy at the end of Halloween 3: “It’s still running. There’s no more time. Stop it now! Turn it off! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!”

  17. Marizza Pizza says:

    please make a ferret janamal

  18. BathTime WithPat says:

    They stole the narwhal song music.

  19. John Boy says:

    Narwhals narwhals swimmin in the oceanPjanimals pjanimals wearble stuffed animals

  20. Rainbow Alejandro says:

    Now you can yiff anywhere. The park, a cookout, the zoo, the zoo, did I mention the zoo?

  21. Kayla Picillo says:

    Wtf i wouldn’t even wear these as pajamas

  22. John Erskine says:

    So,… this is a thing!?!

  23. Becca says:

    Come on people obviously this is geared toward children and teens..
    Ianimal suitesally have a four year old little girl who is obsessed with the hot pink
    Also a cute idea for slumber parties, dress-up/plays, or halloween ideas. Again, marketed for children. As an adult I personally wouldnt suite up in one but for the kiddos its kinda cute.
    And as always the inventor of these will turn a nice profit.
    Moms, dads, grandparents etc will spend the fourty dollars for these animal suites for birthdays, christmas,or just cause for the kiddos.
    Although a bit more variety would be helpful. .possibly an alligator, snake, kola bear,sea otter, dolphin/seal. Idk just a thought.

  24. Oh Yeah says:

    Cuz I totally want to look like a freak in public

  25. spazzycat28 says:

    do NOT wear this thing to the mall unless you want your whole family pelted with rocks

  26. EssentialCookie says:

    I would totally wear this! But gosh I’m like 5’10″And people might think I’m a furry or something, but then again who cares what people think lol

  27. LionRoseProductions says:

    Wow!I need one!

  28. scribesunlimited says:

    “Wear them at the mall!””Become a target of ridicule and intimidation!”

  29. Kris says:

    First off, this is a product i bought for my daughter she is five and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. As far as going to a store in these. Least of our concerns, she is five and is wierd without the cat suit. The only problem we have had is that she whines when its in the laundry. So before going all furry crazy remember that this is a product meant for kids, and those that are so socially concious of themselves that they wont let thier kids be kids, perhaps you should spend less time bitching about it on the net and spend time with your kids, you both will feel better douchebags

  30. prideismylife says:

    this is the dumbest commercial I’ve ever seen.????

  31. James Kegley says:

    How much did they have to pay the kids to act like they’re happy?

  32. Homeless Gamer says:

    I see a great idea for Five Nights at Freddy’s IRL.

  33. Cuda FX says:

    discover new fetish in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

  34. Olivia Corish says:

    Can you wear them with ballet flats too? It said boots but I’m not sure

  35. Jack Loosed says:

    “There available to fit all ages from 5 to 105” ….. What if i’m 106.

  36. Cory Moore says:

    Were them to the mall, where them to work, were them to your mothers funeral!

  37. luigi2cool says:

    They just ripped off the Narwhal song from weebl. WTF XD

  38. UnseenKnight says:

    omfg stop with this fucking ad i swear to fucking god i will kill everyone in it. so fucking sick of hearing that fucking song and seeing these stupid fucking morons wearing these stupid things. every fucking time it goes to ads they play this fucking thing. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

  39. UnseenKnight says:

    what do you say? that kid looks gay!

  40. HK Forty-Seven says:

    Furry recruitment tool

  41. Montra Chappell says:

    If someone wore this crap to school they’d probably get bullied.

  42. Kyla Chu says:

    That zebra…

  43. Joseph Rose says:

    Weeble did it

  44. ??????? says:

    I wonder if those kids got bullied after this commercial aired……

  45. Carter Hatcher says:

    When you’re in need of a quick fur-suit for your Furry convention, JAnimals will be there to help.

  46. gumisora says:

    This is best to jackets with animals in the back!!!

  47. janna sims says:

    That is stupid

  48. Stish Stash says:

    That’s right, kids! With Janimals, you too can wear the skin of a stuffed animal as PJs! Then place their face on your head as a hat!Seriously, does no one else see this as creepy?

  49. Kev 92 says:

    That’s how you can be a pussy magnet

  50. Girly gamer says:

    Wearing my JAnimals while watching this…Anyone else? No just me, ok….

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