As Seen On TV: Jiffy Fries Review


    The Product: Jiffy Fries

    The Promise: “The Fast, Fresh, Easy Way To Make Perfect Fries Any Time”

    The Total Price: One Jiffy Fries with two slicer blades, one Jiffy Fries seasoning bottle, and one Jiffy Fries recipe guide for a grand total of $17.95.



Jiffy Fries Review

Like most of my fellow Americans, I am a huge fan of french fries. But all of the extra fat and calories from frying them was making me fat, sick, and unhealthy. And don’t even get me started on baked or microwaved fries! Whats a foodie like myself to do?

That’s where this handy new As Seen On TV product called Jiffy Fries comes in! Jiffy Fries is the great new way to slice and cook your fries in the microwave, saving you time AND money.

Now I realize that I just said that I hated microwaved french fries a few sentences ago. And it’s absolutely true. However, Jiffy Fries uses a special method that actually browns and crisps the freshly cut fries making them tasty and delicious.

That is amazing! I can now take a whole potato, push it through either the thick or thin cut slier blade, and then cook it in the microwave for a few minutes and have a tasty snack!

And since Jiffy Fries doesn’t use extra oil, I am able to eat healthier french fries quickly!

The Jiffy Fries TV ad does an excellent job demonstrating the process by using a clear version of their product so you can actually see it working.

When you order from the Jiffy Fries website you’ll be getting one Jiffy Fries, 2 slicing blades for both thick cut and thin french fries, a container of secret seasoning mix, and a recipe guide for a grand total of $17.95.

So if you love french fries, but hate the calories and mess of frying, be sure to click that big yellow box below to order Jiffy Fries today!

What kind of french fries will You make with Jiffy Fries? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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150 comments on “As Seen On TV: Jiffy Fries Review
  1. Lynn Love says:

    That “crunch” sounded more like the obviously still raw potato.

  2. Lainey says:

    it sounds like they are eating carrots…not french fries.

  3. MsElizavita says:

    Are they eating fries or someone’s finger???

  4. TheMichael408 says:

    Sponsored by Jiffy Lube

  5. KiKiprettylife15 says:

    Why the fake crunch tho?

  6. Usagi Felton says:

    Wow… those are some soggy looking fries… -_-

  7. faithwaits says:

    Is it just me , but why do you hear the sound of something crunching when they bite into the fries? What the hell? As far as I know fries NEVER had that sound when eating them unless over cooked.

  8. Jenna Brown says:

    cut out the oil, eat healthy, because everybody knows that foods cooked in the microwave are so healthy and nutritious !!

  9. Christina Vilardo says:

    Crunch so hard you crack a tooth

  10. Giselle maddy says:

    I hate fries this stinks

  11. Amber Cats says:

    I mean like I’d suspect they would not be crispy cuz it’s microwaved but I like squishy fries

  12. Olivia Oil says:

    Is someone eating an apple in the background?

  13. Isha Dewitt says:

    I really hate that crunch noise

  14. wastintyme says:

    Looks like a fry, crunches like a carrot! I’m in!

  15. dhania alysa dzulkarnain says:

    I love it

  16. mrzoozilla says:

    I was onboard with them until they mentioned putting it in the microwave. Are people that lazy?

  17. Pensfan8726 says:

    As a college student, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  18. Eddie Trevino says:

    Infomercials these days fail time after time

  19. AmelieBrooks says:

    marchmallow sweetpotato fries ? eeeewwww …

  20. honda36dyi says:

    that crunch though

  21. Joy Hall says:

    ….it sounds like carrots

  22. LPS Milla says:

    Haha I watched this for English today…

  23. Prairielander says:

    Id just use the jiffy then put the chips on a tray in the oven. They would most likely be crispier than the microwave oven.

  24. Sarah Kim says:

    but i like ore iras frozen fries…

  25. suckstobeyou 94 says:

    1:18 that is not how i eat it -_-

  26. Amanda Papierski says:

    The crunch sounds scare me lmao

  27. JunkieofTech Natalli says:

    Fries are not that crunchy????

  28. Kengar says:

    Sounds like they’re biting carrots.

  29. nishihs says:

    they’re not fries. they’re “dries”

  30. chantell stevens-jackson says:

    I would use the cutter, season the fries, bake them, add some bacon, sour cream, chives, cheese,etc and serve . Fuck that nasty microwave shit, I actually know how to cook, and baking them is still healthier than frying them.

  31. Amir Samani says:

    That crunch sound is driving me fucking insane

  32. Marie Pihl says:

    Noe I understand why so many Americans are fat.

  33. Liam Toye says:

    “Marshmallow sweet potato jiffy fries!”Are you fucking kidding me?

  34. Nerf Herder says:

    that dude at 1:08

  35. Nick Hope says:

    Why do the fries sound like they are biting in to a carrot?

  36. Erin Kelly says:

    Fake crunching noises

  37. I`mMrZimbo says:

    Just buy a fucking bag of potato chips! Who the hell eats fries like chips?

  38. KatieR66 says:

    That fake crunching noise pisses me off. It sounds like they’re crunching down on ice.

  39. Kaylynn Gangluff says:

    I have trust issues with that they would probably taste like dirt in the microwave

  40. LZ Girlz says:

    wtf is crisping technology

  41. DonGiovann023 says:

    French FriesHealthyChoose one . . also why does it sound like everyone is eating apples instead of french fries. I know we’re dumb, but surely the bar isn’t THAT low

  42. Suchita Naidu says:

    “Crisping technology”

  43. Cenotaff says:

    The biting crunch sounds like when I crack my knuckles, haha! Don’t get me started on marshmallow sweer potato fries! Fucking hell! Hahaha!

  44. Merchlike+Crafts+DIY says:

    “healthy” foods tend to make you eat more. So its the same as regular fries.

  45. Not ThatGuy says:

    what about poutine

  46. cáfe nékø says:

    Crunh yea right

  47. Rihana Sarwari says:

    Eating fries shouldn’t sound like you’re eating carrots.

  48. Stephen Green says:

    1:19 She’s like. “Kill Me”

  49. Flandre Scarlet says:

    0:12 Ew, this bitch’s face is so fucking ugly, if I gave birth to her I woulda been like:what da fuck is this? CAN’T YOU PUT BACK IN?

  50. Karkat Ventas says:

    Actually it isn’t the fact that your using oil that make it unhealthy. Its the the type. Certain oils like sunflower, olive, cornola are actually good for you and are low in fats.

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