As Seen On TV: Kangaroo Keeper Brite Review

    The Product: Kangaroo Keeper Brite

    The Promise: “The Incredible Purse Organizer!

    The Total Price: 2 Medium and 2 Large Kangaroo Keeper Brites, (That gives you both Black and Tan in both sizes,) for a grand total of $23.90.

Kangaroo Keeper Brite Review

My wife loves purses.

And she loves to switch them out whenever the mood strikes.

But she absolutely HATES moving all of her stuff from one purse to the next!

She would invariably miss her Chap Stick or some other small, but incredibly important item each time a move was made.

But 4 years ago, all of that changed.

That was the year that I bought her a Kangaroo Keeper for Christmas!

What is the Kangaroo Keeper Brite?

The Kangaroo Keeper Brite is an upgrade on the wildly popular Kangaroo Keeper. And what exactly IS a Kangaroo Keeper? A Kangaroo Keeper is essentially a purse insert that lets you easily organize your stuff and transfer it from purse to purse whenever you feel like it! And what makes the Kangaroo Keeper Brite a worthy upgrade is the addition of an attached L.E.D. light to help you find what you’re looking for every time!

How does the Kangaroo Keeper Brite work?

The Kangaroo Keeper Brite comes with a large assortment of pockets around it’s edge that helps you keep track of over 70 different items. It can be configured to have the pockets on the inside or outside of the keeper, depending on your needs.

How do I buy the Kangaroo Keeper Brite?

Kangaroo Keeper Brite can be ordered from it’s official website. (The big yellow boxes on this page will take you to the official website to order.) When ordered, you’ll get 1 medium and 1 large Tan Kangaroo Keeper Brites and 1 medium and 1 large Black Kangaroo Keeper Brites for $10 + $6.95 S&P plus and additional $6.95 S&P for the bonus items. (That’s a grand total of $23.90 for the purchase.)

Will Kangaroo Keeper Brite Work For Me?

Kangaroo Keeper Brite is the real deal when it comes to organizing a purse or hand bag. My wife swears by the one I bought her over 4 years ago and she uses it every single day. (And anything she swears by, I swear by!) So if you are wanting to make it easier to switch out purses, or just want to stay organized with the one you have, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to order YOUR Kangaroo Keeper Brite right now!

What are YOUR thoughts about Kangaroo Keeper Brite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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3 comments on “As Seen On TV: Kangaroo Keeper Brite Review
  1. Andy Andyson says:

    Who’d you would want to put that in there back

  2. Kyla Chu says:

    OR just put a flash light in one of the pockets on the outside

  3. cupcakebby says:

    “It’s like a flashlight in your bag”No bitch, it IS a flashlight in your bag. I literally have a wallet, cell phone, and a freaking Tamagotchi in my bag. Why do you need 70 damn items in your purse?? That’s called a suitcase.

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