As Seen On TV: Living Bubble Review


    The Product: Living Bubble

    The Promise: “The Color Changing Fishbowl You Hand On Your Wall”

    The Total Price: 1 Living Bubble for a grand total of $27.94. (You can also get a second Living bubble for an additional $7.99 S&H.)



Living Bubble Review

Please check back soon for our full Living Bubble review. (We are eagerly awaiting ours to arrive in the mail!)


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75 comments on “As Seen On TV: Living Bubble Review
  1. Mike Loy says:

    SERIOUSLY ? This product would be great for plants – live animals ? aaaaa , no

  2. sushigirl648 says:

    I can see a Beta fish livening in that thing but any other type of fish! When I saw the three goldfish in that tiny little thing I wanted to cry! Not even ONE goldfish can live somewhere that small! And the flashing lights must REALLY hurt there eyes poor things:( I feel especially bad for the Turtles! I am no Turtle expert but I am smart enough to know that most of them need AT LEAST a 20 gallon tank. (I think some can bee housed in a ten but I am not sure) I feel so bad for those turtles. Shame on the people who created this product and decided to market it off to children and letting them think it is ok to keep a turtle,fish,frog,little shark whatever creature really in that tiny little prison bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope most parents where smart enough to not let there children buy these and keep a livening creature in it!

  3. TheSkyGirlMC says:

    Looks kinda cute…..

  4. Ác?i?uV??ng MiyanoSizer says:

    This only should be an seaweed and coral displayerFishes can’s live in thisCram yourself into your bathroom forever with no electronic devices,only lights ,food and water for a while,do you get crazy?

  5. cnith2 says:

    Yeah… let’s kill more pets as they forget to feed them or die in their own waste…

  6. xNativeDreamsx says:

    That would okay for like one Chinese fish but not a turtle or fish that need a air filter and a heater.

  7. Limbo Giraffe says:

    Or have seizures

  8. Kyla Chu says:

    Cool, I would probably forget about it and when I do happen to notice it, the creature inside would be dead or starving.

  9. splatproductions99 says:

    Now I can have the fish bowl that Picard has in TNG

  10. 404003610 says:

    Oh yeah. I always wondered how I could combine my love for animals abuse, bubbles and decoration! Now comes all in one with the living bubble! :D Great, I take 4. One for my fish, one for my turtle, one for my newborn and one for my cat.

  11. A Litzergam says:

    This looks like a cool plant holder. As for a fish tank, wouldn’t it be extremely hard to keep clean? Taking it off the wall every few days to change the water seems like it would disturb the fish and it just looks like a lot of work to maintain. I would totally use this for plants.

  12. lilavanill says:

    i just hate the whole misunderstanding of people when it comes to fish and reptile care … just because they cant scream and show their pain dont mean they dont feel it … if you cant afford a proper aqurium or terrarium pls dont buy the pet if you dont have the time to care for a fish or reptile please just dont buy any pets … its better for both sides!!!!!!!

  13. dhania alysa dzulkarnain says:

    You can buy this living bubble but you can take a toy fish right

  14. Nicole Gimlen says:

    This would be awesome for plants.

  15. ??????? says:

    This is why I’m studying abroad in Japan.

  16. Prairielander says:

    How would like to be trapped in a bubble and have a neon light shinning around you 24/7.

  17. Little miss says:

    That turtle at the start is begging for freedom….

  18. Jennifer Tan says:

    When the kids keep changing light, I bet the fish had already turned blind….

  19. Yana And Ilona says:

    The light can scare the animals and they will die…….

  20. The Wolf Girl Behind The Camera says:

    Okay what about a good night sleep. Yea they were thinking let’s keep children up all night! Yes they will watch hour after hour, and get bored

  21. KatieR66 says:

    This product is basically animal abuse in a bubble.

  22. Kaylynn Gangluff says:

    That is way too small

  23. rnbawesome23 says:

    $20 to torture fish

  24. dhania alysa dzulkarnain says:

    This is one stupid ideas from vat19 the poor fish can die without fliter

  25. Jesse Mam says:

    you cant fit a turtle in there

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