As Seen On TV: The Lobe Magic Commercial Review


    The Product: Lobe Magic

    The Promise: “The instant solution for heavy earrings and damaged lobes!”

    The Price: 120 Lobe Magic for $25.90. (PA residents pay sales tax.)



Lobe Magic TV Commercial Review

Lobe Magic, A.K.A. Lobe Wonder or Ear Lift, is a special clear backer that you put behind your ear lobe to help support heavy earrings and keep them from stretching or tearing your ears.

This As Seen On TV commercial features Taylor Baldwin who you might remember from the Hot Buns Commercial earlier this year. She tends to appear in fashion oriented commercials such as this one.

The Lobe Magic commercial itself is pretty nondescript but does an excellent job explaining the main benefit to buying Lobe Magic, which is being a support patch for earrings. (Ladies, stretched out lobes look painful!)

What makes Lobe Magic such a deal compared to other heavy earrings solutions is the price. The double offer of 120 Lobe Magic support patches is an excellent value as finding comparable items is difficult.

So if you or someone you know wears heavy earrings and hates having your ear lobes stretching out because of it, be sure to click the big yellow box below and get yourself Lobe Magic today!

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5 comments on “As Seen On TV: The Lobe Magic Commercial Review
  1. HTFsplendid says:

    there’s always clip on earrings

  2. kissarmy110936 says:

    lol dont have big ass ear rings that make you look fucking dumb as hell

  3. Stumble48 says:

    You don’t NEED to wear earrings.

  4. kim smith says:

    How about not wearing earrings that weigh 14lbs?

  5. Shane Trusty says:

    This new #asseenontv commercial for #lobemagic features fashion pitchwoman Taylor Baldwin. The product looks great, but the commercial itself is pretty bland compared to her previous work in the Hot Buns commercial! #TaylorBaldwin

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