As Seen On TV: Magic Mirror Review

The Product: Magic Mirror

The Promise: “The Revolutionary Innovation that
Turns Your Mirror into a Magic Mirror!”

The Total Price: 1 Magic Mirror and 1 bonus shaving mirror for a grand total of $20.98.

Magic Mirror Review

What is the Magic Mirror?

The Magic Mirror is a reusable plastic film with border that sticks to your bathroom mirror and provides a 100% fog free zone wherever you stick it.

The secret to Magic Mirror’s performance is its patented nanotechnology layer. Fog just can’t form providing a clear view every time you use it.

What Makes Magic Mirror A Good Buy?

  • Magic Mirror will stay clear in the steamiest of conditions.
  • Magic Mirror works on every mirror.
  • Magic Mirror is easy to install, move, clean, and remove.

Does Magic Mirror Have A Special Offer?

Yes, the Magic Mirror offer includes a bonus shaving mirror for the shower for the cost of shipping.

Magic Mirror Total Price Breakdown

1 Magic Mirror and 1 bonus shaving mirror for $10 + $5.99 S&P + $4.99 S&P for the bonus item for a grand total of $20.98.

Magic Mirror Lowest Price

At the time of this writing the lowest price to be found for the Magic Mirror is on the official website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Does Magic Mirror Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Magic Mirror has 2 Guarantees! The first is the standard 30 day money back Guarantee (minus S&P) but Magic Mirror also comes with a free lifetime replacement guarantee (minus S&P.)

Magic Mirror Customer Service Information

Maric Group, LLC

Dept 4000 7850 Ruffner Ave. Van Nuys CA 91406

Telephone: (844) 496 8243


Does Magic Mirror Really Work?

Magic Mirror worked exactly as advertised when we tested it. We have used it over several showers and each time there has been no fog buildup wherever it was placed.

Moving the Magic Mirror was just as simple. We were able to apply it to several locations with it staying exactly where placed without it peeling off.

Magic Mirror Review: Our Conclusion

All in all Magic Mirror ended up being a great product that easily solves an all to common problem of foggy mirrors. I’m happy to recommend this for anyone who hates fogged up windows. If that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Magic Mirror today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Magic Mirror? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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25 comments on “As Seen On TV: Magic Mirror Review
  1. Kenneth Liu says:


  2. kimmysaeedi91 says:

    I might sue the company or the inventor of this product for False Advertisement. If it is called, MAGIC MIRROR, it should say that I am the fairest in the land; whenever I ask who is the fairest one of all. :D

  3. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Anthony Sullivan is back with an awesome new product called Magic Mirror! Click the link below for the commercial and my review: #asseenontv #asotv #magicmirror #anthonysullivan

  4. Shane Trusty says:

    Anthony Sullivan’s new As Seen On TV commercial for the Magic Mirror is spot on! It solves a common problem in a great way for an excellent price.

  5. Rick Marlin says:

    Nothing fake about this product. “It works each and every time!” I love it!

  6. Chelsea Unger says:

    It’s not even a mirror. It’s plastic covering the mirror. Why not use some glad wrap.

  7. trashbag99 says:

    Vat19 sells a more advanced version of this mirror…

  8. Bri Carol says:

    OR use a towel ? i use a towel. takes two seconds! oh no i am gonna be late because i took two seconds to wipe a mirror!

  9. Lady M says:

    Just buff your regular mirror with a little shaving cream, it’ll repel water and not steam up.

  10. icyhotonmynuts says:

    Or you know, open a window/turn the fan on while you shower.

  11. Ulises Fierro says:

    adding “technology” after the name sure does attract attention

  12. Leigha Jane says:

    its actually just a hole in the wall with a clone on the other side mimicking his every move!

  13. Silvia Sartorelli says:

    Putting mascara on in a steamy room is a bad, bad idea.

  14. Katikas says:

    “It’s easy to clean!” “It stays crystal clear for life”Why would I need to clean a mirror which is clear for life?

  15. Ally Fawn says:

    Putting mascara on in a steamy room isn’t the best idea.

  16. Julia Chu says:

    You can just use a blow dryer on the mirror and the steam instantly disappears with no streaks

  17. Kaetly Rojas says:

    That guy is from oxi clean!

  18. Jonrod2020 says:

    i cant hear the word magic without saying magic missile

  19. cnith2 says:

    It’s a plastic film over the mirror… wow… nanotechnology my ass. Good lie though!

  20. amber richardson says:

    How would her mascara stay on in that environment? I mean, even the expensive “waterproof” ones I’ve used in the past don’t hold up that well. I call shenanigans.

  21. Jackie Lopez says:

    Just clean you’re mirror with shaving cream!!!! Problem solved lol

  22. Mr. Wise says:

    I want one for my bathroom!
    Can I use this technology in my car?

  23. Little miss says:

    Yes magic mirror will magically make your beautiful antique mirror into a peace of junk, will make friends not want to come over and you can ruin your life for only $10 what a bargain!

  24. Yakeema Taleem says:

    They should make bigger sizes so it fits right into my mirror,so it wont look so ugly on my expensive mirror and ruin the decor. i do like the idea

  25. Stella Sam says:

    This Is The Best Mirror!

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