As Seen On TV: Marshmallow Puff Pop Review


Marshmallow Puff Pop Commercial

    The Product: Marshmallow Puff Pop

    The Promise: “The Fun Way To Make Yummy Treats You Can Eat!”

    The Total Price: 4 Marshmallow Puff Pops and recipe guide for a grand total of $19.90



Marshmallow Puff Pop Product Information

What Are Marshmallow Puff Pops?

Making marshmallow treats the regular way is just a mess!

Making marshmallow treats the regular way is just a mess!

Marshmallow Puff Pops are a specially designed marshmallow treat maker. It allows you to make yummy sticky treats that are easy to eat. Simply fill your Marshmallow Puff Pop with your favorite snack, add any sized marshmallows and microwave for 13 seconds. Your treat will now slide out like a super gooey push pop!

What Makes Marshmallow Puff Pop A Good Buy?

For me, the promise of a fun and novel snack making experience makes Marshmallow Puff Pops a good buy. (I’m excited to try out some of the featured recipes from the commercial!)

Does Marshmallow Puff Pop Have A Special Offer?



Marshmallow Puff Pop has a double offer. (Buy 2 Get 2.) During the order process you are also invited to receive 10% off additional Marshmallow Puff Pops, as well as 2 bonus offers for an extruder kit to make fun shape marshmallows or even a marshmallow slingshot! (Ordering any if these bonus items will increase your total cost.)

Marshmallow Puff Pop Total Price Breakdown

Buy 2 Marshmallow Puff Pops for $10 + $4.95 s/h and get 2 more Marshmallow Puff Pops and a recipe guide for an additional $4.95 s/h for a grand total of $19.90. Taxable states were not listed, but Missouri is definitively not one of them!

Marshmallow Puff Pop Lowest Price

The lowest price that we could find this was from the official website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Marshmallow Puff Pop?

This Marshmallow Puff Pops offer is not available in stores. We bought ours at the official website.

Marshmallow Puff Pop Customer Service Information

Telephone: (877) 637 0784

Does Marshmallow Puff Pop Really Work?

Unknown. We ordered our Marshmallow Puff Pop on Sept 18th and will share our testing results in an upcoming full video review. (We’ll update our findings on this page as well!)

Marshmallow Puff Pop Review: Our Conclusion

These recipes look delicious!

These recipes look delicious!

All in all we are really excited to get our hands on the Marshmallow Puff Pop. The TV commercial was fun and exciting, and really drove home just how entertaining this product should be. (We’re waiting for ours to arrive in the mail so we can’t make a final verdict at this time!) But if you are as excited about Marshmallow Puff Pops as we are, be sure to click the big yellow box below to get your very own set today!


What are YOUR thoughts about Marshmallow Puff Pops? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Total.Drama .aj says:

    That actually looks pretty cool and delicious ! It’s a great idea if you want to have a dessert that doesn’t make a mess!

  2. AnimeFanDeluxe says:

    Hmm Diabetus

  3. Tommy Ogunsanwo says:

    +grav3yardgirl DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK

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