As Seen On TV: Mighty Spot Review


    The Product: Mighty Spot

    The Promise: “The revolutionary, new, easy way to seal and protect any surface!”

    The Total Price: 1 can of Mighty Spot for $14.99 + $6.95 P&H and you will receive a FREE can of Mighty Spot just pay separate $6.95 P&H, two extender nozzles and a FREE JUMBO can of Mighty Sealer. (The total of $28.89)



Mighty Spot Review

Please check back soon for our full Mighty Spot review. (We are eagerly awaiting ours to arrive in the mail!)


What are YOUR thoughts about Mighty Spot? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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3 comments on “As Seen On TV: Mighty Spot Review
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Mighty Spot is the new flexible rubber sealant from the makers of Mighty Sealer. Looks like caulk to me! #asseenontv #asotv #mightyspot

  2. Ola Los says:


  3. Qwerty Uiop says:

    So it’s caulking in a whipped cream can

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