As Seen On TV: Miracle Grill Mat Review


    The Product: Miracle Grill Mat

    The Promise: “The 100% Non Stick Grilling Solution!”

    The Total Price: 1 Miracle Grill Mat and 1 Bonus baking mat for a grand total of $22.45



Miracle Grill Mat Review

What is the Miracle Grill Mat?

The Miracle Grill Mat is a special high temperature cooking mat that you can put on any grill to cook safely and mess free. Simply place it on your grill and cook like you normally would. The grill marks and flavor still come through, leaving you with healthy and delicious foods that are safe for the whole family!

What are the benefits of using the Miracle Grill Mat?

  • Miracle Grill Mat cuts easily to fit any grill size!
  • Storage is easy; just roll it up like a scrool or lay it flat!
  • Miracle Grill Mat’s Non toxic material is safe for all food.
  • Miracle Grill Mat comes with an amazing 5 year warranty!
  • Veggies won’t fall down in the grill!
  • Fish won’t stick!

Where can I order Miracle Grill Mat?

At the time of this writing Miracle Grill Mat is not available in stores and can only be purchased from the Miracle Grill Mat web site. (For the sake of convenience the links in the big yellow boxes on this page link to the manufacturer’s site.)

When you ordered, you’ll get a minimum of 1 Miracle Grill Mat and a bonus non stick baking mat for a grand total of $22.45. (This price is only for the absolute minimum purchase. There are 2 different bonus offers in the order process that can incur additional charges if clicked.)

Is the Miracle Grill Mat worth a purchase?

I personally love using the Miracle Grill Mat! I had never attempted cooking vegetables and fish on a grill before due to fear of it sticking. But the non stick, PFOA Free surface and it’s ability to transfer heat and grill marks made me an instant fan!

So if you love to grill, but hate the mess, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to order YOUR Miracle Grill Mat now!


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20 comments on “As Seen On TV: Miracle Grill Mat Review
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    Here is the updated As Seen On TV commercial for the Miracle Grill Mat. This updated spot goes with a longer format and features Marc Gill. The indoor setting is kind of tacky, but the demonstrations are top notch!

  2. Bernice Veloso says:

    Nod your hair! XD

  3. Chicky Girl says:


  4. Tim Linur says:

    My mom barbecues breakfast in the summer ALL the time

  5. Tim Linur says:

    Sounds weirded, but its very good :)

  6. Bernice Veloso says:

    And your hair!

  7. Zane Vorhis says:

    Who the hell sucks so much at grilling that they need this?

  8. nishihs says:

    but …. the “flare ups” are because the fat is dripping out of the meat. If it’s not dripping out it’s just sitting there… and your meat is soaking it back in…

  9. Autumn Skye says:

    I like how he improperly flips the fish on the Regular grill but then on the grill master has a spatula and a fork to Properly flip the fish. Hahah didn’t think we would catch that one !!

  10. Dirtynicker911 says:

    Not a real man

  11. Maggie Taylor says:

    A) Flare ups aren’t bad things it’s just fat.B) How the hell did he get grill marks??c) YOU FUCKING CUT THE VEGGIES TO FIT ON THE GRILL

  12. Lisa Tucker says:

    Actually, I was on set for this entire infomercial, and everything about it is completely LEGIT! It was amazing to see how it worked. The grill marks, the vegetables, the egg/cheese and bread. Nothing is sprayed with a non stick product either.

  13. Luka Katchutas says:

    cleaning up isnt hard. just turn your heat up all the way when you finnish grilling (which burns stuff off) then scrape the burnt crust with a brush

  14. Boogster Su says:


  15. La Jo Ba says:

    Come on people, using this is just like using a frying pan on the stove top. The juices from the meat drips and smokes when you grill. This item prevents that. I see dummies put tinfoil on the grill, which defeats the purpose. This is not grilling. Think about it.

  16. donnk says:

    this shit will give you cancer

  17. (Show the comment) says:

    why does the toast have grill marks? i’m 100% convinced his grill wasn’t even on

  18. baozeng says:

    people keep saying , they got cancer , here’s the problem

  19. Little miss says:

    Why would you bbq eggs and cheese; I mean I understand the veg but the egg and cheese? Is that really necessary?!

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