As Seen On TV: Monster Lights Review

The Product: Monster Lights

The Promise: “NEW! Remote-Controlled Multi-Color LED Lights”

The Total Price: 1 Monster Lights set for $19.99 + $6.99 s/h ($26.98 total before tax)

Monster Lights Review

What Are Monster Lights?

Monster Lights are essentially a 16 foot led lighting strip kit with a sticky back that installs under a bed. Once set up, you can use the included remote control to change the color, sequence, and tempo of the lights making for a visually appealing display. (And it also makes it way to bright for monsters!)

What Makes Monster Lights A Good Buy?

For me, Monster Lights are a good buy for anyone who wants an inexpensive way to light up an area for a good price. I could see Monster Lights being used in many places around the home such as under TV stands, furniture, or cabinets!

Does Monster Lights Have A Special Offer?

Double Offer

Monster Lights Total Price Breakdown

Buy 1 set of Monster Lights for $19.99 + $6.99 s/h. ($26.98 total) Or, you can also get a second set of Monster Lights for an additional $6.99 s/h ($33.97 total before tax)

Monster Lights Lowest Price

At the time of this writing Monster Lights are only available via the official company website and therefore are the lowest price.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Monster Lights?

Monster Lights are currently not available in stores. We could only locate them via the Monster Lights website.

Does Monster Lights Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

No warranty or guarantee information could be found on the offer page.

Monster Lights Customer Service Information

Telephone: 973-287-5166

Do Monster Lights Really Work?

Nick and I have not tested Monster Lights hands on yet, but we feel that this should work as advertised based on our experience with similar LED products.

Monster Lights Initial Review: Our Conclusion

Monster Lights are the latest iteration of DRTV’s current love affair with LED light products. The selling point for being a way to keep monsters from under your bed is unique, but I feel it would be better served by positioning it as a home design product.

All in all we liked Monster Lights and would recommend them for just about anyone who wants stylish and customizable lighting throughout their home. So if that happens to be you, be sure to do yourself a favor and click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Monster Lights now!

What are YOUR thoughts about Monster Lights? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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26 comments on “As Seen On TV: Monster Lights Review
  1. Linda Mai says:

    Honestly that would’ve made me fell like I was just above a monster party so……. that would’ve mad me feel more frightened!

  2. TimofeyPozhitkov says:


  3. Rissa T says:

    Seems way to bright. I would never be able to fall asleep.

  4. Jorge Borbor says:

    Me Gustarían Monster Light Para Poner Cuandro De Jouse y Andy

  5. KakkaRotSRL says:

    I feel like red would not be the best setting for this product. Looks like a gateway to hell imo

  6. Shane Trusty says:

    Happy New Year ASOTV fans! Are you looking for a fun and unique way to assure your little ones that there are no monsters under their bed? Then check out Monster Lights! (It’s an LED lighting kit with remote that changes color and speed.) As usual the link goes to my initial review: #asseenontv #monsterlights #review

  7. InfiniteCreeper says:

    i would stick them to the back of the tv for a color light show

  8. Safira Putri says:


  9. Chely Gonzalez says:

    THE MUSIC. ????

  10. Neha Veerapaneni says:

    I really need that for my room! IT would make perfect decorations

  11. CrystalGirl says:

    Or you can just go to Costco and buy the same product for way cheaper and put it anywhere you want. That’s what I did.

  12. Taffycandy says:

    why does those kids have a queen size bed???

  13. heckyeahtumblr says:

    I would use these for party decor rather than using them for sleeping, imo.

  14. ThatBoyWithTheTruckerHat Productions says:

    Wow. this thing is so pointless. how about the parents not be so laze and tell there kids that monsters aren’t real. the people who made the product must have been on crack.

  15. ??????? says:

    That kid with the iPad tho…

  16. BemaniFan says:

    Lol you could probably use this as christmas lights

  17. Pao Garcia says:

    That’s pretty cool

  18. Alipheese Fateburn says:

    Monster Free Zone? Racists. I’ll just go over here.

  19. Terry I says:

    It keeps away serial killers also….wait.

  20. Gus Grisward says:

    I’m not afraid alone in the dark

  21. Little miss says:

    And if you have a bunk bed your poor siblings gonna have a light in their face and teens WONT use this shit come on people!

  22. William William says:

    Shower wow

  23. Chloe Petty says:

    This might be really helpful…. if the space under my bed wasn’t a black hole of trash and childhood memories and god knows what else

  24. cáfe nékø says:

    The girl gotten her first blood ???? the red one looks scary thou like a gateway to hell ?

  25. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:


  26. segaboy360 says:

    I need this to pimp my bed!

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