As Seen On TV: My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank Review

My Fun Fish Tank A.K.A. The Amazing Tank Commercial

My Fun Fish Tank Video Review

The Product: My Fun Fish Tank

The Promise: “The Aquarium That Cleans Itself!”

The Total Price: $14.88 – Via

My Fun Fish Tank Product Information

What is My Fun Fish Tank?

My Fun Fish Tank is a self cleaning small fish tank designed for small single fish.

What Makes My Fun Fish Tank A Good Buy?

For us, My Fun Fish Tank is a good buy for those who want a simple way to keep a fish tank clean.

Does My Fun Fish Tank Have A Special Offer?

Bonus items if ordered via the official website.

My Fun Fish Tank Lowest Price

We found ours at Walmart for $14.88.

Where To Buy My Fun Fish Tank?

We got our My Fun Fish Tank at Walmart but it can also be purchased via the My Fun Fish website.

Does My Fun Fish Tank Really Work?

Yes, it works but it can be messy if you are not prepared!

My Fun Fish Tank Review: Our Conclusion

All in all we liked My Fun Fish Tank. It worked as advertised, and could be a good buy for someone with a single fish. It is a very small tank though, so multiple fish, and larger fish are not advised.

So if you like the idea of easily cleaning a fish tank be sure to click that big yellow box below to get YOUR My Fun Fish Tank today!

What are YOUR thoughts about My Fun Fish Tank? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “As Seen On TV: My Fun Fish Cleaning Tank Review
  1. Lucy Belcher says:


  2. Jack Israelson says:


  3. AAA Dolls says:

    You both are so awesome and I love to watch all your videos. Thank you for posting them.

  4. browneyedguitargirl says:

    The claim in the commercial is that the clean water pushes the dirty water out. That doesn’t happen with water so instantaneously. The commercial makes the dirty water and clean water look immiscible (not able to mix), but they do. The clean water does not push the dirty water out from the bottom- the clean water mixes with the dirty water, diluting the impurities in the water. Yes, water is pushed out of the container, but it is only diluted dirty water. The idea was good, but the execution and lack of education regarding fish as pets were atrocious.

  5. Zach Girres says:

    This was a waste of time

  6. Clara Marshal says:

    Incredible post! Thanks a lot for the amazing advices on how to clean my fish tank! Keep going with the good advices!

  7. TheBettagurl says:

    How about you guys review that stuffed animalFish bowl??? That was hilarious I have the same tank and it’s not that messy lol

  8. ShamuAquariums says:

    it is way too small. Bettas need atleast 5 gallon tanks, they should not live in a bottle !

  9. leela lo says:


  10. David Ferguson says:

    great quick video…but i dont think too many people buy this is going to start out with dirty water..i am thinking it would of probably worked out if you started clean and a month later month later clean it..also agree with shamuAquariums…too small for bettas

  11. BootsGames says:

    For water that dirty would of needed multiple cycles, this works if you know how to use it properly.

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