As Seen On TV: Party In The Tub | Walmart Wednesday


    The Product: Party In The Tub

    The Promise: “Now kids get to enjoy bath time all the time”

    The Total Price: One Party In The Tub Light for only $14.88 at



Walmart Wednesday: Party In The Tub As Seen On TV

Hi folks, and welcome to the newest feature of the As Seen on TV Blog, Walmart Wednesday!

I decided to take one day out of the week to showcase some of the latest As Seen on TV products that have recently become available at and most local Walmart stores.

As most of you know, Walmart is a great place to buy As Seen On TV for the following reasons:

  • Walmart has a huge assortment of current As Seen On TV products.
  • Walmart typically has the best price for As seen On TV items.
  • Walmart has the best return policies in retail in case things break.

So lets get started!

Party In The Tub: What is it?

Party in the Tub is essentially a floating, waterproof, L.E.D. light that can perform 3 different light shows. Simply turn it on, drop it in the tub, and let the party begin!

Party In The Tub: Who is it For?

Party In The Tub was designed for kids toddler aged and up as a way to encourage bath time. (Any parent can tell you how much of a battle that can be!) The Party In The Tub TV Commercial, shown above, showcases several bratty children who refuse to take a bath.

Party In The Tub: Will it get my kid in the tub?

Obviously, Party In The Tub is not going to make a child magically want to jump in the bath, but it is an extra tool in a parents arsenal to encourage taking a bath.

Party In The Tub: How do I order it?

Party In The Tub is currently available at and most local Walmart stores. For the sake of convenience the big yellow boxes in this article lead to the where you can have it delivered to your home or picked up at your local Walmart!

All in all, I’m a fan of Party In The Tub. I believe that this is novel way to encourage your child to take a bath, and the price and safety of ordering from makes it an even better value! So if you have a stinky kid who really needs a bath, be sure to click on the big yellow box below to get YOUR Party In The Tub now!

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59 comments on “As Seen On TV: Party In The Tub | Walmart Wednesday
  1. Smexy Goosebear says:

    Lol!!! Wtf is this! I can’t stop laughing

  2. Johanne Toppenberg says:

    I dont like the Way “party in the tub” sounds…….

  3. evan santiago says:

    That’s right stop f****** with that s***

  4. Caitlin Dansack says:

    tub tizzies? lol they’re called bath bombs

  5. LPS Dingo says:

    I have it

  6. SwagAnator 312 says:

    “Make bath time more irresistible with Tub Tizzies!” Me: Tub Tizzies? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  7. Horsey Hoofprints says:

    0:9 Me If I Was Forced To Watch 50 Shades Of Gray

  8. Plip plop says:

    This never would’ve entertained me as a kid.

  9. Melle Aeron says:

    0:07 – 0:14 Wtf?!?! Those kids are fuckin awful! Spoiled idiots.

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