As Seen On TV: Perfect Hands Review


    The Product: Perfect Hands

    The Promise: “The fast way to give your hands a spa treatment at home”

    The Total Price: 30 day supply of Perfect Hands and bonus 30 day supply of Perfect Hands for feet for a grand total of $35.85.



Perfect Hands Commercial Review



Are Perfect Hands Available at Walmart?

(Search here to see if this product is available at


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7 comments on “As Seen On TV: Perfect Hands Review
  1. Boogster Su says:

    1:32 “I’ve spent 25 years in acting class and I still suck! Wow! Thanks Perfect Hands!”1:48 Um, shouldn’t that be called “Perfect Feet”?

  2. itisme3257 says:


  3. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Things to watch for:0:14 – Bad haircut from dry hands?0:29 – Thermal Heart Indicator!0:32 – Clown Hands!0:51 – My favorite part.1:04 – Pure relaxation from clown gloves?1:13 – “doing it wrong”1:31 – Is it the inventor or a doctor? Who is it?

  4. Shane Trusty says:

    Here is the link to the Perfect Hands commercial. Be sure to watch it and then check out my review! #asseenontv #asotv #perfecthands

  5. Lilian Donahue says:

    Comes with free cancer! A 30 dollar value for only 19.99!

  6. Flandre Scarlet says:

    dammit i thought this was going to be a fapping aid

  7. Tritny Carter says:

    Perfect hands for feet? Not just perfect feet? Are my feet not just as worthy of perfection as my hands?

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