As Seen On TV: Pet Command Ultimate Dog Training System Commercial


    The Product: Pet Command Ultimate Dog Training Solution

    The Promise: Take command with just a push of a button!

    The Price: 2 Pet Command Systems for a grand total of $26.85. (Sales tax applies in CA, NJ, NV, and NY.)

    The Commercial:



Pet Command Product Information And Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pet Command Dog Training System?

The Pet Commander is essentially a combination of 2 dog training tools and an L.E.D. flashlight all in one. The training tools include a multilevel sound frequency controller and a training clicker. There is even a comprehensive training guide to help you get the most out of the Pet Commander.

Is the Pet Command System Humane?

The Pet Command System is a humane way to redirect your dog as it does not use painful shocks. However, the Pet Commander is not a toy and should only be used by adults who have read and understood how it works.

What if I have a problem with my order? How do I get in touch with Pet Command customer service?

You can reach the Pet Commander customer service via the following methods:


What are YOUR thoughts about the Pet Command Dog Training System? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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23 comments on “As Seen On TV: Pet Command Ultimate Dog Training System Commercial
  1. ??? ?? says:

    0:40 blasting it in the dog’s ear lol

  2. ??? ?? says:

    they make it look way too easy

  3. Lehtosenkanava says:

    If you think u need a remote control for your dog, you should not have a dog in the first place.

  4. Shane Trusty says:

    Today’s As Seen On TV Commercial is for a product called the Pet Command or Pet Commander Ultimate Dog Training system. (Check out the 1:20 mark for the best part!)

  5. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    The best part of this commercial for me was the grandma at the 1:20 mark!

  6. stezton says:

    Lady (at 1:06) if your dog is spinning in circles like that he’s not being annoying, he’s highly stressed/anxious!

  7. stezton says:

    Now if only they’d make one for kids…they’d be rich!

  8. 0HAMI says:

    this is awful. do ppl really need remote control for their dogs??

  9. Collin Pribula says:


  10. Regan Daniels says:

    Yes train your dog to get things that you can go get yourself

  11. kush Delacruz says:

    I have it it workss well

  12. felixthemaster1 says:

    Perfect for lazy Americans

  13. Kyle Wilson says:

    I’m surprised she calls herself grandma even when she’s alone

  14. jmrwacko says:

    I like how the dog doesn’t stop barking at 0:45

  15. twingo famemonster says:

    I can understand the grandma but, why do you need your dog to fetch some Coca Cola for you? Can’t you get up and do it yourself?

  16. andresloveline says:

    Besides all of the hokey jokes, can anybody say whether it works the way they say?

  17. D Jakubowski says:

    So basically confuse and/or scare your dog into obedience.

  18. Benjamin Thi says:



    ORDERED 11-04-13

  20. al says:

    I have three beagles next door and they are driving us nuts.The owner is not doing much about it.Wanting to try this pet thing myself but need to know if you have received the one you ordered.Also;is this the shock type collar? Does it truly work or is it all hype. Thankyou

  21. do you have to have more than one pet command if you have 2 dogs what is the total cost for one to be sent nova scotia Canada postal code b1a 4r4 thank you

  22. Greg says:

    I don’t have a dog but I do a lot of walking and bike riding I’ve had dogs run out at me barking and snaping at me I don’t won’t to hurt the animal but I don’t won’t the dog to hurt me so if this thing will run them off then I will buy one.I wonder if that device works on kryptonians and vulcans Just kidding!

  23. Lawld says:

    “Bring grandma her slippers. *points remote*” . I lost it lol. The junk they try to sell people these days lol. You obviously have to train your dog for this to work, period.

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