As Seen On TV: Phantom Saucer Review

The Product: Phantom Saucer

The Promise: “The Magic Illusion That’s Out Of This World”

The Total Price: $10 + Shipping

Phantom Saucer Product Review

What Is The Phantom Saucer?

The Phantom Saucer is essentially a magic trick that makes it appear that you can make a spinning disc go where you want it.

What Makes Phantom Saucer A Good Buy?

Phantom Saucer would be a good buy for someone looking for a cheap thrill or just wants to do a little bit of “magic”.

Phantom Saucer Lowest Price

The best price we could find the Phantom Saucer was via

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Phantom Saucer?

We got ours at

Does Phantom Saucer Really Work?

Kinda. The tutorial website that is included with purchase no longer works but we managed to finally figure out how to make ours work by reading and rereading the instructions. We got ours going, but it took a lot more than the “practice string” for it to go.

Phantom Saucer Review: Our Conclusion

Nick and I disagreed on this one. Nick enjoyed the trick itself and wanted to show it off to his friends. I was less than impressed, and would have thrown it in the nearest trash can if given half a chance. Had I purchased Phantom Saucer online I would have returned it, just on the broken website issues alone. However, since we paid less than $5 for this at Walmart, I’m willing to hold on to it.

So if you have interest in the Phantom Saucer be sure to click the big yellow box below to get YOURS today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Phantom Saucer? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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