As Seen On TV: Plumber’s Hero Commercial


    The Product: Plumber’s Hero

    The Promise: “It’s A Plumber In A Can!”

    The Total Price: 1 Plumber’s Hero Kit for a grand total of $27.94



About Plumber’s Hero

It's so easy even Marc Gill's Mom can do it!

It’s so easy even Marc Gill’s Mom can do it!

Plumber’s Hero is a specially deigned product that instantly clears even the most stubborn drain clogs and slowdowns. What makes Plumber’s Hero different is in how it works. Instead of using an assortment of harsh and dangerous chemicals that could hurt your family, it uses a special propellant formula that blasts the clog with a fast and sudden burst of pressure!

F.A.Q.s from the Plumber’s Hero Website

How does it work?

The Plumber’s Hero™ special propellant formula creates the necessary pressure when combined with water to disperse a clog in a drain or pipe. Follow the user guide for proper handling.

Will it work in all the drains in my house?

The Plumber’s Hero™ Kit includes accessories to cover all sizes of drains found in the home.

How many uses are in a can?

Each Plumber’s Hero™ Can has 20 uses.

What kind of clog does it work on?

Plumber’s Hero™ will work on clogs created by hair, grease, food particles, hair, coffee grinds, and soap build-up — except where roots have grown in the pipes.

Is it safe?

Plumber’s Hero™ is safe to use, as it does not contain harmful acids or lyes. The can is recyclable.

Will it harm my drain fixture or pipes?

Plumber’s Hero™ will not harm sound drain fixture or plastic, PVC, copper, or steel pipes.

Will it work through garbage disposals?

Plumber’s Hero™ works through garbage disposals.

Will it work on septic systems?

Plumber’s Hero™ works on septic systems.

Will it work on slow moving drains?

Plumber’s Hero™ works great on slow moving drains. Follow the instructions for a blocked drain ensuring there is enough water to cover the cap.

Does it remove odors?

Plumber’s Hero™ does not contain harsh acids or lyes and leaves a clean orange scent.

What happens if it did not unclog?

Wait 30 seconds and apply again. Ensure there is a tight seal at the drain (try using a different adaptor), enough water to cover the cap, and cover the overflow opening. If needed, reapply by holding down the canister longer than one second. There may be an abnormal obstruction requiring the services of a plumber.

How often can it be used?

Plumber’s Hero™ can be used as often as needed when used properly. The recommended monthly usage is to maintain pipes free flowing and to prevent obstructions.

Will it get messy?

Depending on the clog and surround situation, it should not get messy if the instructions are followed properly, a damp rag is used to cover the overflow opening and over the canister when connected to the drain, and over the opening if used on a bac-to-back fixture.

Should I buy a Plumber’s Hero™ Kit when other products are available for less?

The Plumber’s Hero™ Kit includes materials that will safely and easily clear up over 20 clogs in drain or toilets. The alternative products contain chemicals which are harmful.

Can I use Plumber’s Hero™ only when there’s a clog – or can I use it to prevent and maintain my pipes?

As long as the instructions are properly followed and there is enough water in the pipes and over the cap, using Plumber’s Hero™ is the ideal way to prevent and maintain drains and pipes.

What happens when my Plumber’s Hero™ runs out, do I need to buy the whole kit again?

Refill Plumber’s Hero™ canisters are available to continue to use with your Plumber’s Hero™ Kit. The other pieces that come with the kit are reusable. There are 20 uses in every Plumber’s Hero™ canister.

Where can I buy Plumber’s Hero™?

Plumber’s Hero™ is available for purchase online at and most major hardware and chain retail stores. Plumber’s Hero™ is a trademark of Insynergy Products, Inc.


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16 comments on “As Seen On TV: Plumber’s Hero Commercial
  1. Shane Trusty says:

    My favorite pitchman Marc Gill is back with a neat product to unclog your drains called Plumber’s Hero! #plumbershero #asseenontv #asotv #marcgill

  2. itisme3257 says:

    Dang! Now I got toilet water in myPiggy bank!

  3. WobblyTeacup says:

    “guys, we haven’t used all the money the company gave us for our advertising budget””what do we do?””…””…unclog it”

  4. ????? ?????? says:

    Nasty plot

  5. MeanT241985 says:

    So basically its a plunger…

  6. coffeekiss kaTai says:
  7. Carl Cantrell says:

    I saw this ad two days ago and was curious to buy it. I want to try it though. Thanks for this sharing this post. Cheers!

  8. Kyla Chu says:

    Now plungers have a rival

  9. Sophie Marren says:

    Can you make something for dark eyebrows? Or dark bruises, because I got both

  10. Carolyn Sanders says:

    IT WORKS!!! I don’t believe it. My shower stays clogged with hair and it’s really hard to clean it out and plumbers cost $$$$. I’ve tried everything! So, doubting this would work, I spent the $9.99 to try it, expecting disappointment. Well, one shot and, to my surprise, the drain ran free. Most “as seen on tv” products end up being gimmicks, but this one really works. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Ninja City says:

    Or you can use a god dame plunger and save you’re well earned mony

  12. kayla smith says:

    I saw this ad one days ago, Thanks for sharing this post. Cheers! It’s good to see the positive response of your product..

  13. Mark Jarvis says:

    hahaha what a great commercial!

  14. thepuzzler1 says:

    Does anyone else find the tremendous speed that the clog exits the pipe hilarious

  15. thizzface says:

    im usually sketchy about certain “seen on tv” products. I bought this thing before seeing the actual TV ad. My bath tub is now clog free. My experience with liquid plummer is a joke. Once I used this product the water flushed down and you can see this gas rising from the drain. Whatever this gas is, did exactly what this commercial did.and YES i thought it was funny how extremely fast the clog exits the pipe. Finally an Ass-crack plummer in a can

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