As Seen On TV: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review


    The Product: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife

    The Promise: “All the strength and tools to help you survive!”

    The Total Price: One Rocky Mountain Survival Knife and a paracord bracelet for a grant total of $29.99. ($14.99 + $7.50 S&P + $7.50 S&P)



Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review

Grab your hats folks, as we are going back in time to watch a little movie called First Blood. For those that might be too young to remember, First Blood was the 1st installment in what eventually became the Rambo franchise. And in this film was a knife. Now this was not just any knife. It was a big knife. It was an aggressive looking knife. It was the kind of knife that fueled the imagination of my childhood. (Fun Fact: The knife used in the film was a larger version of an old World War 2 aviator survival knife that was made specially for the film.)

The movie obviously did great but a funny thing happened along the way. The knife that Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo character uses became even more popular than the film! There were a few years there in the 80’s where everyone and their mother either owned, or wanted to own their very own Rambo knife!

Well 30+ years later the Rambo knife, or the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife as it now is sold by is back!

The Rocky Mountain Survival Knife is essentially the same knife as before. The blade is nice and sharp and has a serrated edge and can opener hook on the top of it. The back of the handle still has that bubble style compass that comes off to reveal the hollowed out handle. And of course the handle houses all of the classic survival gear that you remember so well.

The bonus item that comes with this offer is popular para cord bracelet. This matches quite well with the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife as you can use it as part of the survival gear.

When ordered from the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife web site you’ll get one Rocky Mountain Survival Knife and para cord bracelet for a grand total of $29.99.

The Rocky Mountain Survival Knife As Seen On TV commercial though did not do this offer justice. They tried to position this product to appeal to disaster preppers and survivalists and for me it just didn’t resonate. (The pitchman was a guy named Thom Buck who I had never personally heard of.) I mean, it looked kind of silly where the veteran As seen on TV actor looking guy was making a spear out of the para cord and knife!

Silly commercial aside, I think that the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife is a great deal not for it’s use in the field, but more of a nostalgic piece that you can share with the kids and grand kids when your talking about those glory days in the 80s.

So if you want to have a bit of fun owning your very own “Rambo Knife” again, be sure to click that big yellow box below to get your Rocky Mountain Survival Knife today!

what do YOU think about the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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49 comments on “As Seen On TV: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review
  1. Dimitri Petrov says:

    NSA proof compass?

  2. InfiniteCreeper says:

    no flashlight

  3. Shane Trusty says:

    The Rocky Mountain Knife, A.K.A. a Rambo survival knife, is apparently making a comeback! The commercial would have worked better from a nostalgia angle for me. (I don’t think that serious survivalists or preppers would have anything to do with this!)

  4. Ray Bottorff says:

    NSA proof compass? Lol! All compasses are “NSA” proof. They are also Putin proof, Chinese hegemony proof, Islamic terrorist proof, Blood Diamond Central African proof, Mexican drug cartel proof, hell they are “my pervert peeping tom neighbor” proof too. Its a freaking compass! What a way to market to the paranoid and the stupid at the same time!

  5. Odood19 says:

    Gee WOW! I just sure hope it isn’t some kind of knife that has commie features like a full tang construction or uniformly hardened steel!

  6. haraoiConal says:

    I had one of these from the ’80s. The bottle opener always opened my beer. The sowing needle worked flawlessly. The rings for the saw handle never broke.Caveat Emptor.

  7. tjenn71 says:

    oh no. not again I remember these from the 1980’s. crap then crap now.he says if you have it, it can’t help you. I say if you don’t have it you saved $14.99.

  8. Sebastian Uchiha says:

    This is hilarious lol

  9. Dogs Best Friend says:

    Absolute garbage. The price increased by $4.99 too.

  10. glockfan112 says:

    Or for 12 bucks with shipping you can get a opinel or a $20 mora that can do everything this cant do. Look up preparedmind101’s rambo knife video. Same piece of sh*t different name

  11. Fenix Archer says:

    Absolute shit knife.How can they advertise this on TV?I have seen these pieces of crap.For 5 more bucks, get a Mora knife.It will work circles around this knife.Hell, it could prolly cut THROUGH this knife!

  12. Dominik Doherty says:

    do not buy this shit you are better off with a swiss army knife

  13. uwcb1 says:

    Why did he pull a knife on buffalo?

  14. E Luca says:

    Hahahaha I laughed so hard when I watched this! Pathetic

  15. Arthur Ponzarelli says:

    “Made with the toughest combat-survival aluminum blade and snow globe compass!”Hilarious! I can’t believe they are trying this Rambo knife gimmick again. Then again, they are probably counting on nostalgia sales.The only people buying this are probably giving it as a gag gift to other knife guys.You can get a Mora Robust for less than $13.

  16. Andrew Politano says:

    Wow. First I thought, “how cheap does that steel look..” Then I thought, “my A1 would baton right through that thing..”. And I ordered it.

  17. stoner4010 says:

    Your name is Tom ‘Buck’?Man, get outta here.

  18. Justin Vasquez says:

    I would rather have a flashlight or even matches rather than this shitty blade in a survival situation.

  19. FuckinCrazyness says:

    guys this is a awesome knife, it saved our lives once, we were ice fishing in a very remote locataion and we fell through the ice, we were soaked, our lighters and matches were not working so we bust out the flint and steel and made a fire, then killed a buffalo cut it open and slept inside. great knife!

  20. Macho Grande says:

    OMG this takes me back to the 7th grade when I ran away from home in ’85. All I needed was this knife so off into the Michigan woods I went, my parents were gonna were really gonna be sorry! 3 days later I barely make it out of the woods with amoebic dysentery nearly dead and dehydrated. These knives needed to come with purification tablets. The old Rambo knife I had apparently left that out. Damn he made it look easy!

  21. MOLON LABE says:

    Jesus Christ this is a HORRIBLE KNIFE!! “Super sharp survival blade”.. Aka really cheap china steel. Do yourself a favor and buy a kershaw or a K-Bar for 15$-60$ online. I have a few k-bar BK11’s off amazon for 29.99. Very nice knife.

  22. Jim Cullen says:

    Who the heck is this Buck bozzo. They think people are stupid, they hear the name Buck and you think big game hunter. Hes just part of abig rip off game. This knife cost about 1.00 to make in asia not usa. You will be lucky if the knife lasts one week. Just try and get your money back. Spend a little more and get something that will last.

  23. dtangomike says:

    Beware. I ordered this knife on line. By the time it got to me it was three times the advertised price. Rip off.

  24. James Jr. says:

    I just got this knife in the mail; not only was the compass already broken, but the label on the box says MADE IN CHINA! The handle is made of cheap PLASTIC! I am never ordering ANYTHING from “As seen on TV” again! It was a total waste of $37.00 (That was what I ended up paying by the time it got to my place!)

  25. James Hylton says:

    I just got my knife about 15 minutes ago in the mail, and I am already dissapointed. Upon opening the packaging, I noticed a slick oily stain on a corner of the box. I soon discovered to my disdain that the “NSA-proof compass” had come lose and had spilled its fluids all over the knife. I deducted two stars for that alone.
    The Third star was lost after examining the rest of the knife. The handle is average, does not have a good grip, and does not appear very durable. The sheath likewise does not look suited to handling the outdoors on a regular basis.
    The blade was the only reason I am rating this at two stars. As far as blades go, it has a very fine edge, and appears very durable. On the other hand, the serrated edge is not sharp, and I wouldn’t trust it to cut a thin rope!
    In conclusion, if all you need is a sharp knife, then this knife is not so bad, and for it’s price you get a fair amount of bonus materials that are useful in the outdoors. HOWEVER; if you are looking for the acclaimed Survival Knife this one claims to be, I suggest you look elsewhere, and spend a few more dollars for something of much better quality.

  26. segaprophet says:

    Might as well carry no knife at all, lol, what a cheap chinese piece of crap!

  27. DUH says:


    “NSA proof compass”? Sometimes ya’ just don’t know… Ya know? I mean… maybe I just don’t know that I don’t know :( but, would someone out there please kindly tell me what the!@#$%^&*!:( these snart-hinges are talking #@!@##$$ about? tip…

  28. Sugga Mydick says:

    Rednecks are always preparing for Armageddon.

  29. Ron Jeremy says:

    What a crock of shit. The name Thom Buck sounds like a porno actors name.

  30. Fire Mountain Outdoors says:

    Check out our review of the 1980’s version of this knife here.RAMBO KNIFE!! Mark revisits the 1980’s Survival Knife he had as a Boy

  31. Bill Fincham says:

    Not this crap again….

  32. mesa401 says:

    You would be better off using a steak knife out of the kitchen drawer.

  33. Joe Jaboro says:

    I bought the same knife over 20 yrs ago.. they sold for 5 bucks..

  34. Macho Grande says:

    It is a crying shame that only the compass is NSA Proof, I wish the entire knife was!

  35. Maggie Taylor says:

    For your paranoid survivalist

  36. Kevin Shoemaker says:

    I got this just got it @ the drug store for $14.95… I love it for the price.

  37. m2dad says:

    Just goes to show you there’s a sucker born every minute.

  38. turb0muffinz0rz says:

    That was hilarious… The only knife that I would buy that has a price under $70 is a Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife. That knife is incredible.

  39. turb0muffinz0rz says:

    Well the Ka-Bar mean… That is incredible… The rocky mountian knife is shit

  40. TonixTech says:

    Bought one in store. Tested the compass in the parking lot. North is whatever direction I happen to be facing. The blade was essentially “stainless” steel. Sharp? As sharp as any other knife you buy for 20 bucks. The handle reminded me of the toy ka bar I had when I was four. I rate this all of 2 stars. It’ll get the job done… if the job is a fishing trip without risk of getting into a survival situation.

  41. RatEmpire says:

    what more could you want? how about a knife that isn’t crap.a swiss army knife will outlast this.

  42. Brett T. says:

    I got a feeling that the fishing wieghts I got might be lead anyone know?

  43. Jake Riethmeier says:

    I had one of these when I was 12 back in the 80’s, hey it looked like Rambo’s knife. I can’t believe they still make these things, absolute junk. I would rather go to the dollar store and get a full tang kitchen knife for you guessed it a dollar to use as my “survival Knife”. People make the Mora comparison cause of the price so I get it I have a Mora. Condor makes good lower price outdoor knives as well… Dollar store kitchen knife…. MUCH better survival option than this here Rocky Mountain knife.

  44. dale carpenter says:

    i can’t believe they made a commercial for this product notice i didn’t say knife because other than having some sort of steal and looking like a knife thats were the resemblance to a knife ends at least the didn’t bring sheath into it.i had cheap knives when i was a kid that were 10 times better ..this knife is to knives what energizers are to batteries .i would buy one just to give to someone i knew was just going throw it at a dead tree till it broke .maybe 2 throws

  45. Jake Roberts says:

    NSA proof compass?????

  46. Jay says:

    I got a feeling that the fishing wieghts I got might be lead anyone know?

  47. Hobbyist Reviews says:

    Posted a review on it a day after I bought it, a month later and only 3 uses later I have a completely new opinion…I’ll be making a video on why you should not buy it later today. Not even the flint and steel works now!

  48. Infinite Break says:

    This is like the 19080’s knife known as “The Survivor” scratch that, it is exactly the same XD

  49. Armed Defense says:

    cold steel bushman for the win

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