As Seen On TV: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review

The Product: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife

The Promise: “All the strength and tools to help you survive!”

The Total Price: One Rocky Mountain Survival Knife and a paracord bracelet for a grant total of $29.99. ($14.99 + $7.50 S&P + $7.50 S&P)

Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review

Grab your hats folks, as we are going back in time to watch a little movie called First Blood. For those that might be too young to remember, First Blood was the 1st installment in what eventually became the Rambo franchise. And in this film was a knife. Now this was not just any knife. It was a big knife. It was an aggressive looking knife. It was the kind of knife that fueled the imagination of my childhood. (Fun Fact: The knife used in the film was a larger version of an old World War 2 aviator survival knife that was made specially for the film.)

The movie obviously did great but a funny thing happened along the way. The knife that Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo character uses became even more popular than the film! There were a few years there in the 80’s where everyone and their mother either owned, or wanted to own their very own Rambo knife!

Well 30+ years later the Rambo knife, or the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife as it now is sold by is back!

The Rocky Mountain Survival Knife is essentially the same knife as before. The blade is nice and sharp and has a serrated edge and can opener hook on the top of it. The back of the handle still has that bubble style compass that comes off to reveal the hollowed out handle. And of course the handle houses all of the classic survival gear that you remember so well.

The bonus item that comes with this offer is popular para cord bracelet. This matches quite well with the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife as you can use it as part of the survival gear.

When ordered from the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife web site you’ll get one Rocky Mountain Survival Knife and para cord bracelet for a grand total of $29.99.

The Rocky Mountain Survival Knife As Seen On TV commercial though did not do this offer justice. They tried to position this product to appeal to disaster preppers and survivalists and for me it just didn’t resonate. (The pitchman was a guy named Thom Buck who I had never personally heard of.) I mean, it looked kind of silly where the veteran As seen on TV actor looking guy was making a spear out of the para cord and knife!

Silly commercial aside, I think that the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife is a great deal not for it’s use in the field, but more of a nostalgic piece that you can share with the kids and grand kids when your talking about those glory days in the 80s.

So if you want to have a bit of fun owning your very own “Rambo Knife” again, be sure to click that big yellow box below to get your Rocky Mountain Survival Knife today!

what do YOU think about the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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57 comments on “As Seen On TV: Rocky Mountain Survival Knife Review
  1. javier lemus says:

    U have that knife its sick it comes with matches inside the knife

  2. javier lemus says:

    I bought the knife for 7 bucks

  3. Galactic Alien says:

    Their website not working

  4. Thornton733 says:

    This brings back so many good memories being a kind in the 80’s and having this knife when surviving in the back yard :)

  5. Lex Oftvet says:

    A butter knife would be better… Hahahaha!!!

  6. mario rojas says:

    My nail filer is sharper than that

  7. Shadowbear001 says:

    The knife was worthless in the 80’s and it’s value hasn’t increase since.

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