As Seen On TV: Scour Power Review

The Product: Scour Power
The Promoter: Safe TV Shop
The Promise: “The scrubbing brush made specifically for cleaning stinky kitchen sinks!”
The Total Price: One Scower Power for $10 + $7.95 s/h

Shane from the As Seen On TV Blog reviews the Scour Power garbage disposal cleaning brush and showcases the Scour Power As Seen On TV commercial.

Scour Power Review

Please return soon for our full Scour Power review.

What are YOUR thoughts about Scour Power? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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6 comments on “As Seen On TV: Scour Power Review
  1. Lelew Thien says:

    is it gonna work with my gf pussy tho?

  2. Omar Syed says:

    Very nice and informative!

  3. Jorge Borbor says:

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  4. Anna Kreidl says:

    Its funny, i have a net-like thing (made of plastic, i dont know how its called n english) n my sinc on the drain, so food doesnt even get down there. Since live in my apartment i NEVER had problems that water isnt running through any more or that it stinks. U have to emty i every time u did the washing but its the best solution (for me) and it is only 50 cent. They say “no more pooring u money into the drain” but this is exactly what u do if u buy this shit =) there are better solutions than this.Sorry for my bad bad spelling =(

  5. Anaïs Marie says:

    What if your sink is a different size

  6. Zayne Moncrieff says:

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