As Seen On TV: Secret Extensions Review

The Product: Secret Extensions
The Promise: NEW Hair Extensions! No Clips. No Glue.
The Total Price: $39.99 +$6.99 p&h

What are YOUR thoughts about Secret Extensions? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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63 comments on “As Seen On TV: Secret Extensions Review
  1. Kyla Chu says:

    When i was 10 I had longer hair then her WITH the secret extensions

  2. jennifer brooks says:

    Think im just gonna go to Sallys and get the extensions there…i got mine for my wedding there and they were awesome but it was synthetic so they didnt last from now on I only want 100% real hair so i can curl, crimp, or style them however i choose

  3. freya cresdee-hyde says:

    My hair is already like that????

  4. Liana Kravets says:

    Boooooooo you guys. Copied demi lovato booo booo bboooooo

  5. Debbie says:

    The hair is very natural looking and feeling. However when you hold it in your hand like a pony tail, it is about as thick as one finger. You would need about 10 of these to look like the pictures they show. I am trying to get a refund right now but they keep telling me they have not received the return yet. I think they’re playing with me. Deceiving!!

  6. kristenweir says:

    Those subtitles though!!!!! LMAO

  7. wilda Rodriguez says:

    i heard it was cheap n hair fall out dont wasnt ur money ..n the bitch answer the phone was very Rude ….

  8. craig giuliano says:

    I hope they have the proper license to use the music from Timesplitters Future Perfect

  9. Angela pabon says:

    Yo las ordenes y nunca me llegaron y enzima de gue no melas mandan me cobraron del banco $89:00 dolares me robaron tengan cuidado

  10. ALLinONEchannel says:

    Bullshit. You can’t dye them so it wont match my purple hair. and clip in remy hair is better

  11. Golden skii says:

    Until you end up in a fight someone going to snatch that off lol.

  12. Isaiah Scott says:

    So it expecive weave

  13. Anna Lewis says:


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