As Seen On TV: Snackeez Can Toppers


    The Product: Snackeez Can Toppers

    The Promise: “The Clean, Easy, And Convenient, All-In-One Snacking Solution!”

    The Total Price: 2 Snackeez Can Toppers for a grand total of $15.98 before tax.



Snackeez Can Toppers

Snackeez Can Toppers

Snackeez Can Toppers

Snackeez Can Toppers are the continuation of the highly successful Snackeez line of cups with storage for your snacks. With Snackeez Can Toppers you can now place a snacking cup and straw right on top of your favorite canned beverage!

When ordered from the official Snackeez Can Toppers website, you’ll get a total of 2 Snackeez Can Toppers for a grand total of $15.98 before tax.


What are YOUR thoughts about Snackeez Can Toppers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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15 comments on “As Seen On TV: Snackeez Can Toppers
  1. Veronika Boyajyan says:


  2. lilkimchim says:

    Anyone else got this for free a long time ago

  3. Kenneth Liu says:

    Is it just me, or am I hearing these annoying “POP!” sounds?!

  4. Shams Khalid says:


  5. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    So Snackeez came out with a special version that fits on regular soda and beer cans. But where is grossy gross? #asseenontv #snackeez #asotv

  6. Shane Trusty says:

    I’m pretty bummed that the new Snackeez Can Toppers commercial failed to include grossy gross! But that complaint aside, this looks to be pretty sweet!

  7. Jessica Le says:

    I have one snackees

  8. ememgg says:

    …if a straw fucks with you’re makeup- or moreover, that’s your main concern- you may be a basic bitch.

  9. Jacob Godsend says:

    r u fucking kidding me?

  10. Solae Williams says:

    Really just het a fucking straw and a bag of chips it much more cheaper I think the new snackeez is much better than this -.-

  11. Dong-han Kim says:

    Shit just got shittier even more

  12. Kyla Chu says:


  13. DarkArtistKaiser says:

    You know its a American invention when it solves the problem of how you can get more food/drink into your mouth without any effort.

  14. robin alec pantoja says:

    Snackeez Can Toppers Are Awesome

  15. Sophie Marren says:

    “It can hold a hold bad of crisps!” Oh wait the bad is fucking small

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