As Seen On TV: Spicy Shelf Review


Spicy Shelf Commercial

    The Product: Spicy Shelf

    The Promise: “Turns a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece!”

    The Total Price: 2 Spicy Shelves with 3 sets of legs for a grand total of $22.45



Spicy Shelf Video Review

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Buy Spicy Shelf via the official Spicy Shelf website


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12 comments on “As Seen On TV: Spicy Shelf Review
  1. flylikeabeetv says:

    jesus christ this is magical

  2. Laura McDowell says:

    the logo vaguely resembles Hitler’s swastika

  3. Jennie Puth says:

    whoa, was the inventor a nazi?

  4. Dedee Dart says:

    Yay, the Spice Organization nazi. ;)

  5. Julie Bane says:

    nice! might look into buying this

  6. Pookie Gibson says:

    das spicy shelf

  7. sylvia noller says:

    the person who invented this is a genius, I have been waiting my whole life for this idea.

  8. MsPreciousParrot says:

    When I first saw this commercial on my HD TV, I noticed a spider on the cabinet door! LOL!This video isn’t as clear, but I believe it appears at approximately 1:10. ;)

  9. Todd Whistler says:

    This is totally on my Christmas List lol

  10. amber richardson says:

    oh…my…god! It’s *GLORIOUS!*

  11. Micheala Sears says:

    this sounds random, but the nail polish with the white caps, what brand are those o.o

  12. Katikas says:

    Umm… Our kitchen is pretty messy and we can find EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.THING. Invent something useful that EVERYONE can use efficently please.

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