As Seen On TV: Spinning Cool Cafe Review


    The Product: Spinning Cool Cafe

    The Promise: “Fast easy way to spin delicious, cold-brew coffee at home.”

    The Total Price: $29.99 + S&H



Spinning Cool Cafe Review

Please check back soon for our full Spinning Cool Cafe review. (We are eagerly awaiting ours in the mail to begin testing!)


What are YOUR thoughts about Spinning Cool Cafe? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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12 comments on “As Seen On TV: Spinning Cool Cafe Review
  1. The As Seen On TV Blog says:

    Don’t put up with bitter iced coffee! Make your own smooth and delicious iced coffee with the Spinning Cool Cafe! #asseenontv #asotv #spinningcoolcafe #coffee

  2. Shane Trusty says:

    I’m not personally a fan of iced coffee but can see where this would be beneficial for those who do…

  3. Naked Zombies on Skates says:

    water down a water drink..kay

  4. Dencio Abel says:

    Or just patiently stir it… :-S

  5. Ác?i?uV??ng MiyanoSizer says:

    A wild whisk appears :D

  6. Lady M says:

    Or you could just use a regular french press and, I dunno, STIR the coffee before pressing it.

  7. Yog Sothoth says:

    Brewing coffee cold… blasphemy…

  8. Luka Katchutas says:

    i can buy an iced capp at tim hortens for $1

  9. ????? ?????? says:

    I’m like iced cappuccino

  10. Kyla Chu says:

    Wow. $6.00 is a waste of money when you have $10 000…

  11. simlover00 says:

    you could easily do the same thing yourself by stirring the coffe with a spoon at NO COST at all

  12. ThatSeaBiscuit says:

    I’d rather do it the “wrong” way, thank you very much.

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