As Seen On TV: Squishy Sand Review


Squishy Sand As Seen On TV Commercial

    The Product: Squishy Sand

    The Promise: “The Amazing Indoor Playing Sand For Kids!”

    The Total Price: 1 complete Squishy Sand set for a grand total of $27.98.

Squishy Sand Video Review



Squishy Sand Review

What is Squishy Sand?

Squishy Sand is normal fine sand that has been treated with a special polymer that gives it the consistency of moist sand. Squishy Sand won’t dry out and can be used multiple times.

What Makes Squishy Sand A Good Buy?

For us, the value in Squishy Sand is in the ability to play with it indoors and not on the beach!

Does Squishy Sand Have A Special Offer?

Every day low price

Squishy Sand Total Price Breakdown

One box of Squishy Sand with roller, shovel and spatula for $14.88 via or from your local Walmart store.

Squishy Sand Lowest Price

We found the best price for Squishy Sand to be at

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Squishy Sand?

Squishy Sand is available at most retailers that sell As Seen On TV merchandise this year. We found ours for the low price of $14.88 at

Does Squishy Sand Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

Normal return policy of whichever store it is purchased from.

Squishy Sand Customer Service Information


Does Squishy Sand Really Work?

When Nick and I tested Squishy Sand, it did indeed work as advertised.

Squishy Sand Review: Our Conclusion

All in all Squishy Sand is a fun but very messy product. The sand held up to play and Nick continued to play with it off and on the rest of the day after filming our review. We recommend a containment strategy if you purchase it as it is very messy and we are still picking it up from our test area! So if you want an interesting way for your kids to play, or just want to saddle the parents of your relatives with a fun but messy product, then click the big yellow box below to get YOUR Squishy Sand today!


What are YOUR thoughts about Squishy Sand? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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72 comments on “As Seen On TV: Squishy Sand Review
  1. SwaySway Padukavich says:

    I remember seeing one of these when I was younger

  2. Coroner S says:

    Lol what a knock off. Don’t buy this, knock offs usually suck.

  3. Amber Cats says:

    0:16 that boy with the sand is like D:< the hell is this?!?!

  4. Katarina Wright says:

    It sucks don’t get it I have kinetic sand and I bought some squishy sand for my cousin and it isn’t like it at all its just regular mosit Sand I’d get KINETIC SAND not this stuff

  5. ThatsTWOSimple says:

    Kinetic Sand?

  6. tin b says:

    I tried it and it sticks to your hand

  7. Anaïs Marie says:

    What if u eat multiple pieces of it it’s just like magnetic balls

  8. Cynthia Nixon says:

    I got a 2×2” sample once and its pretty amazing. you stretch it and it looks like it’s melting in your hands. A different feel than playdoh.

  9. tiara Vasquez says:

    I bought it with my sister and it doesn’t. Do any of those things it is just sand ????

  10. Sophie White says:

    It’s just brook sand and like kinetic sand such a rip off.

  11. loralovexx says:

    So moon sand.

  12. Jen Donnelly says:

    Absolutely not moon sand. Not exactly like the brookstone kinetic sand, but feeds my need to play with it. Brought it to work and now 20-30 year olds are constantly playing with it. Not just for kids! Get it at walmart though, much cheaper.

  13. Kim Berly says:




  15. Plip plop says:

    Yeah because every 12 year old girl wants a birthday cake made of weird sand.

  16. ??? ?????????? says:

    This ( squishy sand) is mess. My hands stay messy when I touch the (squishy sand) .And it is very sticky!

  17. Jéssica Victória says:

    ITS IS A VAT19 !

  18. TheRollerCoasterGirl says:

    I do actually recommend this product i got an sample box last year and i found its way better then moon sand or any other play sand products. Doesn’t leave a mess and is super fun my niece loves it

  19. Lucille Oblino says:
  20. Jaelynn Randolph says:

    I have this

  21. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    Why do Dads not exist in these child’s product infomercials? Dads have a right to say if the product is shit or not too.

  22. Adam Warden says:

    fuck this shit get brookestone not this fucking Chinese fucking gay ass ripoff so stfu

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